Martínez Almeida

The PP spokesman emphasizes that we must help to defeat the pandemic and save lives, and there they will always find the PP, but “if what they expect is that, at this moment, we support the Budgets of a Government made up of Podemos, it is very difficult for us to enter "

"We are very clear that with a Government formed by PSOE and Podemos, with its investiture agreement and the preferred partners it has in Congress, we cannot be the crutch of that Government because we are the only real and valid alternative to Sánchez and Iglesias"
He believes it is necessary to continue doing a centrality project, to know that it is the PP who can unite wills, who has proven management capacity contrasted in Autonomous Communities and municipalities; "Because three forces in the center right do not fit, since the fragmentation of the vote to the only one that benefits is the whole of the left"
He states that "the application of the principles, convictions and ideas that each one has is decisive in management and therefore the PP manages more and better than the left, because we have behind an ideological corpus that allows us to establish and improve that management"
He considers that Pablo Casado's PP has been firm in the defense of the Crown and the Parliamentary Monarchy, because the left wants to destabilize an institutional framework in which the key to the vault is the head of state
He assures that the Popular Party defends feminism as a search for equality between men and women, which does not mean that the postulates of Carmen Calvo and Irene Montero are shared
"We must look at the voters of Ciudadanos and VOX, who have left for various reasons, so that they return to the common home of the center-right that is the PP"
He sets the example of the Transition, because he believes that the political moment we are living in is not as difficult as that one, and appeals to the spirit of understanding and dialogue of those who do not want to collaborate. He believes that the institutions of Madrid have proven to be on that appropriate path to, from the difference, reach beneficial agreements for all
It affirms that the PP focuses on the defense of the person, of freedom, private property, the role of society as an engine of development, to which spaces of responsibility and autonomy must be returned

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