José Luis Martínez-Almeida

  • The Popular Party spokesman points out that it can be said that we are facing a new reaction from “Producciones Redondo” to try to cover up the judicial setback of the TSJM with a disproportionate response from Sánchez, because the measures that work in Madrid are not his
  • "The question we Madrilenians ask ourselves is why the Government of Sánchez imposes instead of helping when health data in the Community of Madrid are improving"
  • He ironizes that if this is what Sánchez understands by co-governance: "it is its total and absolute imposition in which it does not allow dialogue"
  • He asks if Sánchez would dare with another CCAA, since it seems that "the easy thing" is to act on the Community of Madrid and calls his attitude "political arrogance", something that "borders on authoritarianism" of not accepting that others resist him. institutions
  • He affirms that yesterday the technicians of the Ministry of Health had endorsed the measures implemented by the CAM, which are achieving an improvement in health data similar to those of August and September, but on the decline, while Sánchez prefers to impose political measures
  • He believes that the mobility limitation of the people of Madrid at the weekend is appropriate, but starting with the ministers, who had already left Madrid and have had to delay the Council until 12 o'clock to give them time to return
  • Asked about Pablo Iglesias' warnings to the Supreme Court and the reaction against the PP, he believes that it clearly shows how he identifies that "we are a counterweight and the only alternative to evict Sánchez"
  • He shows his concern at "Sánchez's self-confidence" by saying that he does not have an opinion on judicial decisions that affect Pablo Iglesias, since it is his own Government, his vice president, with whom he identifies
  • He states that "you cannot give in to the authoritarian interests of Sánchez", someone who has been offered pacts and dialogue by the president of the PP and has demonstrated his "virtues of being absent from the word"

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