07-11-2019 | Cs

The deputy asks the Generalitat to ensure 'absolute political neutrality on the part of all agents of Mossos'

"We are not going to allow Torra to have a praetorian guard outside the law." This has been said by the deputy of Citizens (Cs), Matías Alonso, defending a motion on the security forces and bodies of the Generalitat that contemplated ensuring the competencies of the Institutional Security Area (ASI) created by President Torra.

Alonso has asked that there be "a regulated procedure with objective guidelines" to choose the commissar of the body of Mossos, a position that the Government has changed three times in just over a year, because the appointments made "fall within the absolute discretion , scrubbing the arbitrariness ", causing" that the curators with more experience and training feel discriminated against ".

The deputy of Cs has asked the Generalitat to ensure "absolute political neutrality by all agents of Mossos" in the exercise of their functions "because there are cases where it is not respected." He regretted the inaction of the division of internal affairs of the Mossos regarding "the improper conduct of some agents who use social networks to seriously insult people or even urge to create situations that they would have to avoid in the use of their functions" . At the same time, it has opposed "the harassment suffered by some agents who are faithful to the democratic order."

Alonso has also pointed out that the motion of Cs again calls for changes in the regulations and in the disciplinary regime of the Mossos, modifications that were already approved three years ago at the proposal of the orange party and that the Government has not executed, "despite be one of the defendants of the police unions. "

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