La senadora del Partido Popular, Ana Alós

The deputy spokeswoman of the Popular Parliamentary Group in the Senate, Ana Alós, has affirmed that “the PSOE wants to end the territorial legislative representation of the Senate, capacity granted by the Constitution” and that, the Proposal of Law to be processed in Congress, "intends to dodge as one of the parliamentary procedures that the Government must go through to approve what we know as 'spending ceiling'."

"We believe that this proposal constitutes an unprecedented attack on the very essence of the Senate as a territorial chamber, a function, entrusted to it by the Constitution itself," Alós added.

The motion of the GPP in the Senate, which requested to maintain the competence of the Senate in the approval of budgetary stability and the 'expenditure ceiling' has been rejected by the Plenary of the House with the vote against the PSOE and the parliamentary groups independentistas.

Thus, the senator of the PP by Huesca has affirmed that the objective of the motion presented by the popular in the Senate is very clear: “defend the powers and powers that the law and the Constitution, as a fundamental rule, grant to the Senate as part of The general courts".

The deputy spokeswoman of the PP in the Senate has said that in a normal climate it should not be necessary to raise this proposal to the House, "but unfortunately, the situation we are experiencing is not normal at all" since, he explained, " Last week the Taking into consideration of the proposed organic law to reform Law 2/2012 of April 27 on Budget Stability and Financial Sustainability was approved in the Congress of Deputies ”.

In it, -the senator of the PP continued- the socialist group of Congress, promoter of the initiative, eliminates the ability to decide on the establishment of the objectives of budgetary stability and public debt for all Public Administrations that said law granted to the Senate.

The Government, through the initiative of the PSOE, what it intends is “the elimination of democratic controls, such as the one granted by the budget stability law to this Chamber,” in order to give its members everything they ask for and as a consequence, to destroy public accounts again, because they have already shown that budgetary stability is not in their DNA.


Throughout his speech, Alós wanted to make it very clear that the guarantee of budgetary stability “is one of the keys to economic policy that contributed to strengthening confidence in the Spanish economy; in fact, its compliance allowed us to recover the path of economic growth and job creation ”.

Likewise, Alós has revealed that "the current president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez who voted for the constitutional reform of 135 as a deputy, and then denied it for purely electoral interests."

“It seems that the Senate deserves very little consideration, and they are willing to pay any price to guarantee the survival of their Government, even at the cost of emptying the Senate of their constitutional powers; this is part of the dismantling that you have planned of our constitutional network to please your partners, ”the GPP deputy spokeswoman told the Socialist senators.


At another point in his speech, Ana Alós has affirmed that “the Government of Sánchez has made the lie his way in the Government of Spain, and the approval of new PGE will depend on the interest of the independentistas and if it suits them for their causes, by the way, nothing constitutional ”.

"Institutional loyalty that we demand from the executive towards the rest of the regional and local administrations and also with the legislative power", the senator of the PP has finished.

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