• This Government is born with a double stigma. The one with the lie and the one with the sedition. The one about the lie, because Sánchez presented himself to the elections talking about insomnia with Podemos and a conflict of coexistence in Catalonia – not a political conflict. And that of sedition, because it is the result of a pact with criminals that fully purchases Junqueras' speech and separates the judiciary.
  • The Spaniards went to vote 10-N based on a fiction. Sanchez has gone from proposing the typification of the call for an illegal referendum to convene the consultation. That he dares to stand for elections with that program.
  • This is the consummation of the abandonment of constitutionalists in Catalonia. The final betrayal against the nation that Sánchez was plotting with ERC. An important agreement for what it says – bilaterality and consultation – but also for what is silent – does not mention the Constitution – and that certifies the rupture of the PSOE with the constitutional order and its fundamental base, the nation of free and equal.
  • Batet waited for an assembly led by a seditious prisoner to summon the Investiture Plenary. It is a humiliation to the legislative power, to Congress, truly intolerable.
  • We are facing an unusual event: the Government will work against the constitutional State and the opposition must become its main defenders. There is nothing more harmful than divisive competition. At this critical moment, a regrouped resistance of constitutionalism is essential.
  • Betrayal is not avoided with an abstention but with a constitutionalist coalition government. The problem is that the constitutionalist PSOE has died, it does not exist. The socialists have become one more nationalist force, disintegrating the constitutional order. And the abstention would be as much as giving away the votes to Sánchez to agree with ERC.
  • What do socialist barons understand by equality? Mr. Fernández Vara, is an Extremaduran worth less than a Catalan nationalist? Mr Lambán, is an Aragonese worse off than a Catalan nationalist? Mr. García-Page, is a Manchego Castilian second in front of a Catalan nationalist?
  • This government can last. We have to work with all the strength, determination, the regrouping of constitutionalism and much mobilization of the parties in Parliament, and also in the street. The PP has the central mandate to defend the Spanish and the State, but also from the media and civil society we must go out to defend the constitutional State and our institutions, which are the ones that are in danger for the first time in a very serious way in forty years.

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