Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, en rueda de prensa tras la reunión de la Junta de Portavoces


  1. The authoritarian drift of this Government is increasing. Four acts reveal this authoritarian drift, long detected.

  2. The first act is the answer given to the PP's battery of questions about the ‘Ábalos case’, which refers us to what the minister said in plenary, where he did not answer any. The Government marks an absolute lock on this matter. It is a tease not only to the PP, but to Congress and due transparency. We have submitted a writ of amparo to the Bureau of Congress to respond appropriately and request that the questions affected go to orals in the Commission.

  3. The second act is the veto of the PSOE and Podemos to the popular legislative initiative presented by Jusapol, which has been manifested today at the gates of Congress, to request the equalization of police officers and civil guards with the Autonomous Police. Our absolute support for this claim, which we actively defend, vigorously and today more than ever. Now that PSOE and Podemos govern veto a popular legislative initiative so that it can neither be discussed nor processed. It is a betrayal of police and civil guards. We will present a compensation law to address this claim.

  4. Third act of authoritarian drift: There was a European Council last month and it is mandatory for the president to appear after those European Councils. We ask for the unanimity of the Groups in the Bureau to appear. I am surprised not so much by the socialist roller, but by the submission of the rest of the allies or half allies of the Government who agree not to appear.

  5. Fourth act: we present a commission of investigation on the centers of minors in the Balearic Islands and Valencia. In an exercise in classical parliamentary filibusterism, the Bureau has said that a request that has the backing of prior and written reports of the lawyers must be rephrased to delay that Commission of inquiry. We are going to ask the Ombudsman for a report because it is a serious matter and we want to look for other ways.

Criminalization of illegal referendums

  1. Next week the Plenary will debate and vote on the GPP law to re-penalize illegal referendums proposing prison sentences and disqualification for those who call, authorize, promote or facilitate consultations without legal coverage.
  2. Zapatero removed in his time of government the criminalization of illegal referendums against our criteria and Sanchez committed himself in electoral campaign to reintroduce it, but then he has done the opposite. It will serve to show to what extent the PSOE has hit a very pronounced blow for the benefit of its allies and partners – the separatists, the seditious, convicted people, criminals – against what the PSOE and Sanchez said, and against the strengthening of the democratic system.

Cessions to separatism

  1. Nor do we get Sánchez to appear to talk about the Bureau of concessions to separatism. We will continue to insist on it because you are politically and morally obligated to do so.
  2. It is a degrading spectacle for democracy and for all Democrats to have to see Junqueras leave prison to teach at the University of Vic. We want to know the percentage and the number of inmates who benefit from the same VIP treatment of Mr. Junqueras.

  3. That a university in Catalonia lends itself to Junqueras, a condemned person for crimes against democracy who says he would do it again, gives classes is proof of a deep intellectual and moral corruption of some rectors and universities of Catalonia.

Minister council

  1. The Government Education Law perpetuates school failure, undermines the common elements of education throughout Spain and limits freedom of choice.
  2. We will present an amendment to the whole with alternative text reaffirming ourselves in a decalogue whose main ideas are: to reinforce what is common in Spain; a teaching of the highest quality based on the principles of excellence and demand; freedom of choice; the prestige of the teaching staff; the promotion of educational MIR; the reinforcement of the High Educational Inspection; and support for concerted and special education.

  3. Of the Sexual Freedom Law announced by the Government, we only know one thing: that half the Government considers that the other half is incapable of drafting a Law, which is an absolute political and all-legal legal fudge.

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