Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo durante su intervención en la sesión de control al Gobierno.

Holders of his speech:

• Mrs. Bald, I am glad to see you. It means that she is recovered, against what you claimed last Sunday. "I have returned before, against the criteria of the doctors," he said. I guess it was rhetorical. Because otherwise it would be disturbing. • He also assured that "nobody is going to evade his responsibility." Let's talk about yours.

• On February 4, due to the advance of the virus, the Government created an Interministerial Coordination Committee. And he charged you with the crucial task of presiding over it. Two weeks later, you rejected the cancellation of Mobile because, you said, "the social alarm does not correspond to reality."

• On March 8 -17 dead already- he continued to encourage massive demonstrations. And today Spain is the European country with the most excess death. More infected toilets. The most severe confinement. And the blackest economic horizon.

• That is why I ask you: what did you do, as the person in charge in that decisive February, to stop the pandemic?

• Mrs. Bald, I have reviewed your schedule. Six times does it say? How many times do you say you convened that decisive Committee, six? Do you know how many times it appears ?: Zero. Another phantom committee, filled with pseudo-experts, imaginary scholars, and party mates.

• And that in your agenda really fits everything: Premiere of the film Adú. Mrs. Lastra's informative breakfast. Presentation of a collection of speeches by the leader of the PSE. Transfer table to Torra. And various feminist acts. Sure. The 8-M arrived and there our life went.

• Look Mrs. Bald, do not cheat. France has more tourism and more traffic, Germany. We lead excess death because we lead the forecast defect. You guys were late. You were late. Their negligence is counted in thousands of broken lives. And in millions of ruined lives. Think about it: if you don't resign for this, then why?

• And now you will surely accuse me of twitching the political anger. I ask you to tell your neighbor, Mr. Iglesias, who calls an adversary "filth." And to the PSOE itself, which leads an obscene campaign against Madrid.

• The party of the false Chinese tests. Of useless masks. From toilets without PPE. From the opaque committees. From imaginary experts. From lies to CNN. And to the Spanish. Of the poorly numbered dead. The match of his lethal unpredictability.

• You should be more humble. Even say: ‘Thank you, Ayuso. Thank you, Madrid. ’ But anyway, Mrs. Calvo. I admit that not all responsibility is yours. He shares it with the one who recklessly appointed her to chair that sterile Committee.

• In reality, this agenda of hers not only details the activities of the first vice president. It also clearly defines its capabilities.

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