Holders of their statements

  • Today we have held a working meeting with almost all the associations of Judges and Prosecutors of Catalonia. A meeting that is part of the PP proposal to write a White Paper for Freedom, with measures to strengthen the State and rearmament of constitutionalism in Catalonia.
  • For some time one of the fundamental pillars of the rule of law, Justice, suffers in this Community the consequences of the disloyalty of the Generalitat, through campaigns of nationalist harassment of Judges and Prosecutors or without responding to the lack of material and human resources that The Judicial Power lives.

  • But the most unusual thing is not the institutional disloyalty of the Generalitat, it is the attitude of a PSOE that has decided to join the erosion campaign of the Judiciary and the rule of law in Catalonia.

  • The socialists are trying to forge a government of sedition with those convicted of the most serious crimes that can be perpetrated against a democratic system.

  • There is the crude and brutal paradox that the leaders of the separatist process were criminally convicted and are now politically amnestied by Mr. Sanchez to try to stay in power.

  • The situation is of the utmost gravity: Sánchez is placing the keys of the Government of Spain in the hands of a criminal, Mr. Junqueras.

  • Just look at the specific assignments that the acting Government has already begun to put on the table in its campaign to dissolve the Constitutional State.

  • In the first place, he has assumed the language of the seditious by saying that there is a political conflict that must be resolved through political negotiation. That is, with more transfers from the State. Second, they claim that ERC is the other historic left to launder a party whose main leader has been convicted of sedition and embezzlement. And thirdly, they tell us about the plurinationality, which is nothing other than the defeat of the constitutional order of the Spanish nation.

  • I am very concerned that Justice is the currency in the negotiation between the PSOE and ERC. Their plan to resolve what they call "political conflict" is to return to the statute of the year 2006 prior to its review by the TC. Doing so would mean the pulverization of the Judiciary and granting the maximum concession to separatism: the submission of Justice to the personal, caudillista and totalitarian dictates of the seditious.

  • The concept of progressivism in Spain has been distorted. It seems that the closer you are to the terrorists and the seditious ones, the more progressive you are.

  • There is a negotiation on three fronts of attack on the constitutional order: with the most reactionary and radical forces in Catalonia; in the Basque Country, where the PNV and Podemos intend to promote a new Basque statute that would liquidate the equality of the Spaniards before the law, freedom and democratic order; and in Navarra, where Mrs. Chivite has sat down to negotiate with Batasuna the budgets of the Community.

  • This PSOE does not have the slightest moral scruple or the slightest memory and respect for its victims. Sánchez has become the main dissolution factor of the constitutional order in Spain.

  • There will be no abstention from the PP so that Mr. Sanchez can govern with ERC, Batasuna, JxCAT and company. It would not be a patriotic abstention but a masochist and harmful to the interests of Spain.

  • We are in a very serious moment. Not even for ten notaries would a paper signed with Mr. Sánchez be acceptable because he would break it the next day, as he has always shown.

  • We are going to continue working on strengthening the State and constitutional mobilization in Catalonia. We are going to guarantee that the policy reinforces what the judges have already done, which is to defend the State. That Spain takes itself seriously through a great impulse of constitutionalism.

  • What can you expect from Zapatero, the unofficial spokesman for the dictator Maduro? It is part of the general degradation that a former president of the Spanish Government vindicates Otegui as a legitimate interlocutor to form a government at the expense of the constitutional order.

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