La portavoz del GPP en el Congreso de los Diputados, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo

There is an active collusion on the part of the Government and there is fatigue and withdrawal among the Spanish democrats.

Democracy is not like an opposition, which is won in one day and is held forever. Democracies are destroyed from within, are undermined, and there are people who actively work on it.

The values ​​of our democracy are neither of rights nor of lefts. I welcome the initiative of Unión 78 so that we can go out on the street; this matters.

The French passivity before the fugitive Puigdemont is the daughter of the Spanish abdication.

I await the response to the letter I addressed to the president of the French National Assembly for several reasons. In the first place, it is impossible to imagine that a fugitive from the French Justice, a Corsican, who had tried to unilaterally declare the independence of Corsica, had organized an act in Junquera or Figueras with 100,000 people and had not had any kind of reaction for part of the French Government.

Secondly, it is not only for democratic solidarity with Spain, since it seems elementary to me that the French authorities say that Puigdemont is not welcome in its territory, but also for the democratic dignity of France. I ask the French deputies a declaration in self-defense, in defense of the democratic values ​​that the French Republic represents and that unite us all as Europeans. And I also ask Macron: an act of democratic coherence against reactionary nationalism and in favor of Europe.

Puigdemont defends an identity project that is incompatible with the basic values ​​that the Macron party and the French Republic and the EU defend, values ​​that are not left-wing or right-wing, but simply democratic.

Third, the French passivity to the fugitive Puigdemont is the daughter of Spanish abdication. In Spain there is complicity and there is fatigue. Both. There is complicity of the Government of Spain with reactionary separatism, that is, with Puigdemont, with Junqueras, with everything they defend and promote. And there is also fatigue, much fatigue of the Spanish Democrats in the face of what is happening.

I rebel against that fatigue and I call for the mobilization of the Spaniards, of the Democrats in defense of their democracy, so that they do not lose hope or their capacity to denounce against the complicity of the Government with reactionary separatism.

And I also call on the responsibility of the Spanish elites, because in the Spanish elites there is an official attitude: an idea that democracy is an opposition that you win one day and you already have it forever. And that's not true. It's false. Democracies are destroyed from within, eroded, undermined, and there are people actively working for the destruction of the Spanish democratic system that cost us a lot to achieve.

Spanish democracy was born with an effort of generosity and much suffering and we must preserve and work for it and to that task we are all located, the first politicians and also people with influence and social mobilization capacity.

I celebrate the initiative of Unión 78 of Fernando Savater with Rosa Díez, with María San Gil, to try to mobilize the Spaniards and that we go out again; This matters, this matters to us. Let's not get tired, do not give up.

It is amazing that from the State, from the Government with the PGE, money is put into TV3, which is a machine to generate hate, mockery, mockery against the other half of Catalonia.

For a long time nobody did anything with Catalonia, he looked the other way. He invested heavily in nationalism and did not invest in democracy, in the other half of Catalonia. It was not invested morally, politically or with budgets. This situation can be turned around, and that is why I rebel against the withdrawal. That brings us absolutely to everyone.

Vox is a nationalist party and I would rather never depend on a nationalist party. It has a vision as of abdication with respect to the 78 system because it considers that it has failed and the State of autonomy should be repealed. I think it's a serious mistake. I don't think the 78 system has failed, I think the policy has failed. We have to correct the policy and preserve the system of 78, the most just, balanced, intelligent and that has given more prosperity and freedom to the Spaniards throughout its history.

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