La portavoz del GPP, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, en declaraciones a medios

Mr. Torra is an ordinary criminal. He is neither deputy nor president of the Generalitat of Catalonia. The Statute says that the president is elected by Parliament from among its members. I do not know in which distraction operation headed by the Government of Spain we are trying to deny what is obvious and obvious.

Today we have seen a new degrading session for the democratic system in the Parliament of Catalonia, with a red carpet – in a kind of Goya Prizes for the coup – for prisoners convicted of serious crimes against democracy. Defiantly and chulesca, Junqueras has said he would do it again, that self-determination is a right. It is an affront to the democratic system, to our institutions.

The ERC agreement with the PSOE is contaminated: it has turned the PSOE into the unscrupulous useful of the separatists, the Trojan horse of the democratic system. I am especially concerned about the definitive abandonment and absolute helplessness of the constitutionalists in Catalonia.

It is very likely that we are facing impending elections in Catalonia. Part of the pact between the PSOE and ERC is that the PSOE gave ERC the hegemony in Catalonia on paper. In the case of elections, the important thing is that we propose a very strong, powerful and clear constitutionalist alternative to this absolutely deranged and solvent drift, not only for the whole of Spain but also for Catalonia itself.


The GPP will reach the end of this sordid and illegal matter. The Government has demonstrated its protection and complicity with a corrupt torturer – said by international authorities – and, at the same time, its helplessness and lack of protection for a heroic and exemplary Democrat such as Guaidó, legitimate president of Venezuela. What this Government is doing in its relations with Mr. Maduro's narcoterrorist dictatorial regime is of an inexplicable indecency.

We are going to present a new battery of questions and we are going to ask for the filming of the airport terminals that Delcy Rodríguez stepped on with impunity to see the sequence of her movements in Spanish territory. The illegality is manifest. Not only is it forbidden, by a binding decision of the European Union, to step on Spanish soil but also cannot fly over it.

We are going to ask that the Commission for Democratic Quality and the Fight against Corruption treat, first of all, the links of Podemos with the beach bar Neurona, its links with Bolivarian countries and financing through that society. We will also request the appearance of Iglesias to report promptly and in detail on this matter.


The autonomy, independence and prestige of the Congress of Deputies are at stake. To the surprise of the GPP, minority groups have joined as unusual comparsas to the authoritarian drift of the Government to marginalize, devalue and degrade the work of parliamentarians.

A well-known socialist said that Congress had to be the center of public life, but this PSOE has sent it to the periphery.


Today the worst job creation data has been published since 2013. We will present an NLP to avoid the repeal of the labor reform: it would be the tip to the protection, improvement, defense and strengthening of the labor market that started the PP and that this Government puts very seriously at risk.

Guillermo Mariscal, on the announcement of the resignation of Jordi Sevilla as president of Red Eléctrica Española:

This announcement, derived from the pressures exerted by a clearly collusive clamp between the Vice President of the Government Teresa Ribera and an advisor of the CNMC, is very serious. This is a new indication of generating uncertainty, abandonment of foreign investment in our country and another example of the attempted invasion and control of each and every one of the structures of Spanish society by the Government.

We announce a battery of questions and the request to appear

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