La portavoz del GPP en el Congreso de los Diputados, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo


  1. José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero has, for many years, a relationship of undemocratic intimacy with the dictatorship of Maduro. I am ashamed as a Spaniard that a former president of the Government of Spain actively works for a dictatorship like Maduro's, which has been condemned and sanctioned by European institutions and by the United Nations.

  2. A United Nations report, signed by Mrs. Bachelet, a socialist historian, denounces the death squads in Venezuela, the murders, the misery and the ruin. That a former president of the Spanish Government has this relationship of democratic intimacy with a dictator and with his hosts, with Mrs. Delcy Rodríguez, is incomprehensible, unacceptable and a shame for all Spaniards.


  1. Sanchez needs crime and criminals to govern, and criminals and crime need Sanchez for impunity.

  2. The meeting between Sánchez and Torra was presented in the form of an armistice, as if there were two countries at war. False. What has been is an aggression by one half of Catalonia, from nationalism, to the other, to the Democrats. The aggression has gone unpunished politically and they want Junqueras to go unpunished legally with a reform of the Criminal Code ad hominem.

  3. There is no democracy outside the Law. Sanchez relativizes the concept of the Law. It places the rule of law at the feet of those who want to trample and trample it, in an act of maximum political irresponsibility.

  4. The meeting of Sánchez and Torra, in addition to an indignity and humiliation for the Spaniards, was a prostration of the President of the Government to remain in power. This operation is summarized in three sentences that he repeated after the meeting: ‘the Law is not enough’; "I have not come to talk about the institutions," and "we must avoid the perpetual tie."

  5. In the Basque Country it was also said that the infinite draw had to be avoided. Since we could only tie against ETA, we Democrats had to give in and give up. It is a form of perverse withdrawal. Nationalism can be defeated, it must be turned into a residual force.

  6. The withdrawal from nationalism is a tactical claudication of the left. In Spain there is no longer a Spanish left that defends its traditional values ​​of equality and fraternity. He has replaced the defense of equality with the defense and promotion of identity: this is the reactionary drift of the left.

  7. Constitutionalists have often felt abandoned and helpless by the governments of Spain. With Sánchez, they have the Government of Spain against. It is a dramatic novelty. The constitutionalists are the great pagans of this sordid operation of cession to nationalism. Our duty is to protect, protect and defend them.

  8. Urkullu and Puig are false moderates, accomplices of the rupturists and the radicals, who use instruments used by Pujol. It is necessary to avoid that in the Valencian Community happens what happened in Catalonia with Pujol.


  1. Yesterday Minister Montero seconded Sánchez's felony, consenting that the Minister of Finance of Catalonia did not even attend the Fiscal and Financial Policy Council and burying multilateralism: it was a mixture of fiscal trilerism and institutional disloyalty.
  2. Montero was complicit in the rupture of multilateralism that should be the reason for the operation of the model. And he refused to pay the 2,500 million VAT owed to the autonomous communities. That VAT that the Valencians have already paid with their effort and sacrifice, and that serves to attend Health and Education.


  1. Modernity and rebellion is not breaking shop windows or preventing others from speaking. The modern, rebellious and progressive today is to defend the Constitution.
  2. We have to return to politics its prestige and dignity. Only in a country where the truth is worth very little, Minister Ábalos can remain in the Government. We must claim the truth in politics. The truth is our great ally. It is neither radical nor moderate, neither hard nor soft: it simply is.

  3. Faced with the efforts of each other to reissue the two Spain, one against the other, we have to claim the Spain of all. We have to widen the space of the third Spain, the constitutional Spain, which we represent.

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