• This is a coup strike and a useless strike. Coup because it is done against the laws, against justice, against the courts, against the rights of millions of Catalans to live in freedom and in equality before the law. And useless because democracy does not strike: democracy neither for now, nor will it ever give up.

  • Today many millions of Catalans have had to stay at home, have not been able to go to their jobs or take their children to school. But tomorrow they will. Tomorrow they can return to the streets, to democratic and constitutional normality.

  • I want to tell all these anti-democratic party members to lose all hope of achieving their goals. And to all the Catalan democrats, that we are going to protect and protect them always.

  • We Democrats do not hunt for independence, we are dedicated to doing what we are doing today: stand in the center of the Plaza and say: here we stand, standing, defending the constitutional order.

  • We will never give up in the face of violence. Neither before the highway cuts, nor before the revolutionary, seditious, rebel and coup processes. Democracy will triumph, the Constitution will triumph and we will take care of it.

  • The great Catalan anomaly is that the political authorities are the ones pulling the violence. Mr. Torra: dare to convene a self-determination referendum. If he does his destiny it is written: or fugitive from justice, like Puigdemont; or prisoner, like Junqueras.

  • Because the State has all the resources at its disposal to prevent these grotesque scenes from occurring. But the government is overwhelmed and helpless. They do not use the mechanisms that a constitutional government has to defend the order, freedom and equality of citizens before the law.

  • I have already given up asking the Government for anything. I ask the Spaniards to go to the polls, to restore constitutional order, freedom, security and civil peace, with their vote.

  • On November 10 we have an extraordinary opportunity to end this frivolous, rude and emphatically useless coup. You have to remove Mr. Sánchez because he is not going to remove Mr. Torra. We have to go to the polls and call the Spaniards, the Catalan Democrats, to go outside with peace of mind and say "we will win."

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