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  • PSOE and Vox have the same rival: the PP. The PSOE is interested in Vox being strong, and Vox that the Popular Party takes less seats than it can get.

  • Political Catalanism has failed. They wanted to forge a poble sun and have left a community broken in two. This resounding failure offers us an immense opportunity: to build the Catalonia of all with a constitutionalist policy.

  • We made the transition from a dictatorship to a democracy, but we did not make the transition from an identity policy to a purely civic, citizen policy. Nationalism survived in the Basque Country and in Catalonia, and now it has spread very dangerously to other autonomous communities.

  • We must convert the moral rearmament of constitutionalism into a moral rearmament of the State. To achieve this we need the PSOE to reverse its reactionary drift of alliance with nationalisms and this is – probably – the most difficult of all.

  • Constitutionalism in Catalonia needs to win. He has had a hard time during forty years of abandonment and helplessness, and he is having a hard time because the situation on the streets is inappropriate for a civilized and democratic society.

  • Where is the PSOE? Always looking for the midpoint between Constitution and nationalism. The left cannot agree with ultra-reactionary, tribalist parties that break unity and equality among Spaniards.

  • Mr. Sánchez is president thanks to Mr. Puigdemont's votes; thanks to a man convicted of sedition and embezzlement, and thanks to political forces that seek to break the constitutional order. And the worst part is that such pusillanimity responds to his belief that his future is going through the reissue of an immoral and useless dialogue with ERC.

  • Sanchez would have to stop being himself, and socialism would need to make an amendment to the whole of his policy of the last decades to make possible an agreement with the PP.

  • There can never be a governance pact at the expense of democracy in Catalonia. We are working on a White Paper for freedom in Catalonia that should be the basis of any agreement. A strong commitment to defend constitutionalism is necessary and that requires not agreeing with nationalists.

  • We have the obligation to rebuild Catalonia. Coexistence will only come through constitutionalism, not more cessions to nationalism.

  • We can win if we are voted by all Spaniards who want to avoid a Sánchez government and restore order in Catalonia.

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