Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo en el Club Siglo XXI


  • The majority of Spaniards are within the constitutional agreement of 78. The proof is that Sánchez did not appear in the elections with the program with which he will now be invested president of the Government.

  • This is not the investiture of a candidate for the Presidency of the Government, but a ramming against the constitutional state. What has been forged is not a progressive coalition, it is an ultra coalition, the most ultra one you could imagine.

  • Sanchez needs the ghost of the extreme right to forge a government where all the ultras are most ultras of Spain: the proetarras and the coup plotters, people who defend privileges, inequalities, and who have said things that are outside a great liberal democratic consensus.

  • When the opposition is more State than the Government, something is going very wrong. And the mere fact that Bildu is willing to shield Sanchez with the "yes" is a reason for deep and serious reflection. We are facing a total investment: in the Spain of Sanchez, the proetarras distribute cards of democrats.

  • In a country where the left was committed to the values ​​it claims to defend, the constitutional concentration government would have been an easy, fair and essential operation. The problem is that the PSOE has ceased to be constitutionalist. We cannot invent a PSOE that does not exist.

  • Sánchez has attacked the three pillars of the Spanish justice system. He has said that the JEC is from the extreme right, which is slander; that the Supreme Court has been an obstacle to the resolution of political conflicts, which is a falsehood; and that the Constitutional had been exceeded in the Statute ruling. It is very serious. A Government is being forged against the Constitutional State.

  • I do not lose hope that there are people who, regardless of their political affiliation, say that they cannot vote for this Government because it does not agree with the deep values ​​of equality and freedom of the Spaniards that we met with the Constitution.

  • We will make a brave, rational and inclusive opposition. Integrative in a very important sense. When Aznar refounded the PP, he gave him a mission: to unite everything that was to the right of the left. Today, before the most serious crisis of our constitutional system of 78, there is an update of that historic mission of the PP: regroup all the space that is with the Constitution.

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