They are really our shields, the defenders of our democracy

Headlines of Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo in the PP Interparliamentary

  • On Wednesday I visited a great policeman. I was in the hospital. He remembered well the fire, the violence, the terror, the blow he received. He told me: "We could with everyone." And it is true that they could.
  • They are really our shields, the defenders of our democracy. That is why yesterday we asked the Government to convict the policemen who defend freedom in Catalonia.
  • I want to tell him, them, all the servants of the State and all the constitutionalists, that they will never feel alone again. They will always have our protection, support, recognition and protection.
  • Spanish fatigue is what benefits nationalism the most and what harms freedom the most. We must not lower our guard, let's fight for our freedom. This is required by reasons of solidarity, but also of selfishness. What is happening has an effect of epidemic and contagion beyond Catalonia. The Basques and the Navarrese know it well. Also in the Valencian Community and in the Balearic Islands.
  • Yesterday we saw how an aberrant anti-democratic alliance joined in Barcelona to promote the breakup of Spain. And that alliance has a common denominator: everyone is against Spain and everyone is with Sánchez. Everyone wants me to lose Spain and everyone wants Sanchez to win. That is why Sanchez cannot stop that aberrant alliance: he rules with them, he is president thanks to them.
  • Tomorrow there is a demonstration in Barcelona. I demand from the PSC and the whole of the PSOE a minimum of coherence: if they march with the constitutionalists they have to leave the pacts with the unconstitutionalists.
  • A moral rearmament of constitutionalism is taking place in Catalonia – and in many places in Spain. And that happens because Catalan nationalism has dropped its triple mask: it is not hegemonic, has no justification and is not peaceful.
  • It is not hegemonic because there is not a single town. There is another vibrant, stubborn, constitutionalist, tolerant, democratic and open Catalonia that claims its right to exist and power of representation.
  • It has no justification. They said that they were motivated by fiscal plunder and, in reality, they are generating economic ruin. The only motivation that really hides behind their projects is xenophobia.
  • When they yell at us: "outside, outside," we say "inside, inside." That is the Constitution, together the different ones to be free and equal. A project of humanity, of decency, of a will to coexist within a common pact made by all.
  • And they were not peaceful. Nationalism always has an element of structural violence, of aggression against the other. There is nothing more violent than wanting to convert a neighbor abroad.
  • Once the mask has been dropped to nationalism, what can we do? Rearm the State with a clear constitutionalist strategy for the entire national territory. Those are two things: firm principles and an action plan.
  • Principles means saying something awkward. The word dialogue is a word as beautiful as the word peace. But when they tell us to "dialogue," what they really mean is "give in." Dialogue, yes, but with the constitutionalists, who are the ones who really defend the freedom and equality of all.
  • And an action plan: turn constitutionalism into a policy. More state, not less. Advance in the deployment of the State to strengthen the common.
  • Santiago Abascal has said that with the Catalan crisis it would be convenient to wait to hold the elections. It is exactly the other way around. Sánchez has given us the opportunity to end his government, with an unfortunate stage for the country. We will do it with hope because we have the only alternative, the best one: Pablo Casado, an intelligent, calm, patriotic and courageous leader.
  • Let's do it with constitutional courage. For us, for all the Spaniards and for that policeman who played his life to defend our freedom, our equality, and our right to remain Spanish.

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