Holders of their first intervention in the Plenary Extraordinary:

  • Mrs. Calvo, I am not going to blame you for the human immigration drama, I am not even going to ask you to solve it with insurmountable walls and other magical formulas, what I do say and demand on behalf of the Popular Parliamentary Group is to stop aggravating it; Your policy is flammable.
  • They do business and electoral politics under the mask of solidarity. They turned Aquarius into an advertising spot, abandoned politics and dived into the mud of demagogy. That is the sad virtue of Open Arms: exposing what was hiding its mask of solidarity with ruthless utilitarianism, and since they could no longer take advantage of it as with the Aquarius, the ship drifted.
  • Sanchismo and Salvinismo are the two sides of the same coin, they do the same: they use immigrants to win votes, some fish in the ocean of irresponsible sentimentality, and Salvinists hunt in the jungle of xenophobia and hate for different .
  • Sánchez only shows his face when his rasputines tell him that he touches photographic inns, as he has just done in the Canary Islands, with the famous V-shaped photo of victory, vanity, emptiness or vacations.
  • Iglesias has replaced the assault on the heavens by submission to the Sanchista divinity, who vetoes him, humiliates him, says that it is a risk for democracy and he thanks him for preventing his appearance here today. That is called political masochism, unless they are going to give you three ministries and a couple of vice presidencies, something we don't know. In any case, the bill, in the form of new elections or a government unable to govern, will be paid by all Spaniards.
  • Mrs. Calvo, legality and humanity are not incompatible, not even elements in tension. But how am I going to explain this to a Government whose partners not only see a conflict between democracy and law, but encourage it every day of their life?

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