Holders of their statements before the media:

  • Spain is in a loop, with a president who is synonymous with propaganda, paralysis and unemployment. Thanks to the requirements of the GPP, we will finally have a calendar of sessions.
  • Once again the great proclamations of Mr. Sánchez are dismantled. Yesterday he told us that they rejected a referendum and, however, the only thing that he really rejects, concretely and tangibly, is that measures can be debated to protect the Constitution and the dignity of this House. In May we presented a Proposal for a Law on the reform of the Regulation on the occasion of the embarrassing spectacle of oaths. Today the Bureau has decided not to qualify it for debate in plenary. This is an abuse of power.
  • We will maintain an offensive in defense of the public services of citizens. Next week we will present an interpellation to the Minister of Finance: she has dedicated herself to mobilizing ghost reports from the State Advocacy; He has presented them through a means of communication, but not in this House, and, above all, has posed a blackmail to the Autonomous Communities and also to the Town Halls.
  • We can and Citizens have allied to ask for the creation of a new Commission against the discrimination of some social groups. We are fiercely against any form of discrimination, but the Constitutional Commission is being emptied of content, which is where freedom, equality of citizens before the law and the fight against any form of discrimination are defended. We claim the Constitutional Commission, we want to put it in value and highlight its validity.
  • We fully join the complaint against any form of discrimination against women because it is absolutely intolerable. Our representative at the meeting with the Iranian delegation highlighted that. Vox has denounced what was happening, has done well to do so and I join the complaints regarding the conditions imposed by certain delegations.

  • The facts are very important and it is essential to wait to know the proven facts that are in the sentences before prejudging. The principle of presumption of innocence is not negotiable in a democratic and legal state.

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