La portavoz del GPP en el Congreso de los Diputados, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo

• The three main areas of work of that Commission are the same three fronts of the great battle that we have to wage in Spain: Health, Economic and Public Liberties.

• It must be a non-permanent Commission, chaired by the PP, with 37 members and a weighted vote

• I ask the government for a sensible de-escalation plan, not what it has presented so far. • I ask for a rectification on the specific decision of the children. The Government is overwhelmed and has lost control of the situation

• The real Reconstruction Table is the Parliament, the only valid Table in democracy. They could not be some Pacts of the Moncloa, they had to be some Pacts of the Career of San Jerónimo, that is in Congress where the debate takes place and solutions are sought to get out of the very serious crisis that Spain is going through.

• We were not in favor of any extra-parliamentary table or caesarian experiments. Democracy without adjectives has been imposed on organic democracy, that idea that there must be agreements outside the institutions.

• The constitution of the Reconstruction Commission must be immediate. It should start as soon as possible and with full transparency next week.

• The Commission for Reconstruction is the one that has the most sense and urgency and on which the eyes of millions of Spaniards are going to rest to see if we are up to the challenges that our country faces.

• It must also be a non-permanent Commission and that its Presidency be held by a PP deputy. The other great Commission that is going to have a fundamental function in the task of Reconstruction, that of Autonomies of the Senate, is chaired by a senator from the PSOE. It would be balanced if that of Congress had a PP president.

• Regarding its composition, it would be logical for it to have the same number of members as the other Commissions -37 members-, and for the vote to be weighted and exactly proportional to the Hemicycle, to the 350 deputies.

• The Commission must have three main areas of work: the health area, the origin of this enormous crisis; a large economic and social area and the area of ​​public liberties. The PSOE spoke of including Europe as one more airline, it does not seem bad to us.

• We ask to modify the procedure of the telematic vote to vote after listening to the debates, so that the deputies do not go blindly in democratic neatness. We have been sent a letter that does not adequately respond to this approach and that rejects our proposal based on a series of premises

profoundly astonishing and questionable, demonstrating a null democratic will to open this House in its entirety.

• There has been a unilateral breach of the tacit agreement that we reached to be a minimum expression of deputies. Last week there was a Health Commission and 13 members of the PSOE appeared to vote for its Vice President. On the other hand, four days later, when there is a table called to request appearances, the PSOE deputies do not appear and do not attend.

• The great battle that we are going to fight can be analyzed under the three headings on which we would organize the works in Commission: Health, Economy and Freedoms. Health

• The lack of protection suffered by healthcare personnel is unaffordable and painful. The applause at eight o'clock at night, the applause of the Government and its campaigns are not enough. Means and protection are needed. The result of this chapter is a picture of severe government incompetence, devastating for what it means of lack of protection and with an aggravating governmental logic. The Government speaks of social protection, of the social shield, but that discourse falls apart in the face of the very serious lack of protection of thousands and thousands of Spaniards, and very specifically those who fight on the front line. Economy

• We have devastating data on the economic outlook for the coming months. Data from the Bank of Spain with a 13% drop in GDP. I solemnly ask the Government for a serious, rigorous, sensible and reasonable plan for de-escalation based on a clear x-ray of the health situation in Spain, which we do not have, and on a determined will to protect the Spanish economy and the sectors affected. Why am I asking for this Descaling Plan? Because it is clearly evident that it does not exist and the proof is what happened today with children.

• It cannot be true that the Government says that children can go to the crowded supermarket, but not take a walk with their parents on the street, and even more after the president made this announcement the central axis of his 'Hello president' of the Saturday. I ask the Government for a rectification. The government is overwhelmed, it has lost control of the situation and of what is reasonable and sensible.

• As added proof that there is no reasonable Plan, there are recent statements by the Minister of Labor saying that ‘the hospitality industry was not going to be able to open until Christmas’. The Government is not a nursery. The words of a minister have profound consequences, and even more in a crisis like this. Liberties

• To all that has been lived in these last days or weeks, the sentence of the Minister of Education is added today that 'we cannot accept that there are negative messages, false messages, in short, that transmit to the citizens consequences that may alter their health and, also, go against scientific criteria '. The minister links negative messages, criticism, with the false, and the worst thing is that she links criticism with poor health. He is saying that criticism of the government puts the health of citizens at risk, that the opposition and criticism from the media are a risk to public health. This is a sample of the absurd authoritarian drift of the Government that we have to restrain with determination.

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