Holders of their statements before the media:

  • We are seeing the ashes and debris of a failed Process. The teenage coven of these days is the landscape that shows the throes of that failure. The coup, the referendum on October 1 and the coup strike yesterday failed. Even the figures of the Urban Guard, which speak of 500,000 people, are lower than those of any previous call for independence.
  • The main axis of the failed Process has been a deep hatred of Catalonia. He has sought to set the city on fire, and lift barricades. Only those who hate Catalonia are able to turn their neighbors hostage to their reactionary ideology with fire and destruction.
  • The revolution has only anger left. Opposite there are Democrats, constitutionalists, citizens of different parties and ideologies that say ‘we don't want to live in a divided, confronted and burned Catalonia’.
  • Finally, the hidden face of independence and nationalism has been seen. We saw the tip of the iceberg, but the deep structural violence that accompanies separatism and nationalism was hidden underwater.
  • I want to express my absolute gratitude, admiration and support to the State Security Forces and Bodies, who are acting to defend the rights and freedoms of all Catalans, and of all Spaniards.
  • These days are going to be a turning point. We are going to build a new tolerant, democratic, peaceful, respectful Catalonia that loves freedom and equality. That Catalonia exists and is represented by people who for many years have felt helpless, alone, abandoned by the State and its political representatives. They have every right to be defended and will never feel alone again.
  • We are going to build a new Catalonia cobblestone on cobblestone, stone by stone, and we will do it with conviction, courage and challenge. We will open a new stage of constitutional strength, state deployment and defense of freedom and equality in all corners of Catalonia. We will do it with a speech of love to Catalonia, of defense of the Catalans who want democracy. We will do it with the speech of freedom.
  • After 40 years of abdication and on the ashes of the Process we will build a tolerant and deeply democratic Catalonia, where the law that is equal for all is imposed.

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