“In Catalonia we live it very closely. And we saw him yesterday in the motion of censure that Iceta did not want to support. Every time Iceta says he wins, the winner is separatism. Not in moral terms, but numerical ones. ”

"The PSOE has been for many years a kind of amniotic fluid in which nationalism has grown."

"Iceta is ratified in that position that some call equidistance, but that ends up being of collusion and complicity with separatism."

“These 10-N elections can be won. We have to go out to present a great alternative of freedom, of union and Constitution, of modernity and equality ”.

"And in Catalonia there can also be an alternative constitutionalist majority, but you have to start believing it and take all the steps in that direction to achieve it."

"It is not normal for the Government of a community to explicitly call for disobedience of laws and contempt, to applaud and jale people prosecuted for alleged crimes of terrorism and rebellion."

“The PSOE has to make a deep rectification. To make a great coalition it is necessary that they abandon the claudication before separatism. I would love to have a social democracy committed to the values ​​of the Enlightenment, and not one that agrees with the most reactionary thing there is: identity nationalism. ”

“Sanchez has no limits on the electoral use of everything. Now use the pensioners. People know what happens to the economy when the PSOE rules. What happens with employment, with pensions… ”

“Sanchez has already recognized that there is a cooling of the economy. When it comes to managing a crisis, protecting the employment of a storm and recession storm, protecting pensioners and the elderly, the PP is and has always been a guarantee. We have always had to solve the economic mess that the PSOE leaves. ”

“I appeal to many people who traditionally did not vote for us. I ask you to seriously think about what you are going to do in these elections, precisely now, with the threat of an economic crisis. ”

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