Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo atiende a los medios de comunicación


  1. We always insisted that the pacts that were made had to be in Congress. The great Table of the Spanish Reconstruction is the Parliament. In democracy the only political table is Parliament, there can be no extra-parliamentary table or Caesarian experiments.
  2. Congress is the place of dialogue and debate. The pacts will be in the Carrera de San Jerónimo and in democracy it should be. Narcissism has yielded to reality and democracy without adjectives, has imposed itself on any temptation of organic democracy. We still have a long battle ahead of authoritarian temptations.

  3. We have been insisting for weeks that Congress must be fully active and where all issues related to the Coronavirus will be analyzed. Make
    one month we asked for a Coronavirus monitoring Commission, rejected by the PSOE and its allies.

  4. Now that this Reconstruction Commission is going to be constituted, we want it to be done as soon as possible. We will bring a proposal to the Bureau and Board of Spokesmen today on how we would like to be articulated to work immediately. We would like to preside over it, because within the reasonable balance between the Government and the opposition, it seemed to us a reasonable and sensible option. I am sure that we will find a point of agreement on its nature, its functions and its composition.

  5. Hopefully the reconstruction of Spain will serve the reconstruction of social democracy, the approach of socialism to centrality and its distance from the radicalism that the positions of Podemos imply both politically and economically and socially. Social democracy has drifted contrary to the Constitution for several years and to the reasonable, sensible and necessary balance between the public and private sectors since the beginning of the crisis.

  6. In these crises it is easy to fall into demagoguery and say 'the State is going to pay everything or Europe is going to pay everything', and the reality is not that. The State is not an infinite box that can pay for everything, nor is Europe an infinite box that can pay for everything. It is also necessary a discourse of responsibility and reality, telling the truth to the Spaniards about the nature and depth of the crisis and proposing realistic solutions far from all demagoguery and cheap ideology, which in rhetoric is easy but its implementation is practically impossible but at the cost of a long Spanish decadence and another great Spanish failure.

  7. We are going to fight so that there is no other Spanish failure, so that Spain leaves as soon as possible and so that this country rises with the help it may need, but
    stand up on its own and be able to stand up. We are going to make a policy born of deep optimism and confidence in the Spanish fortress.

  8. Three great battles to fight: health, democracy and the economy. The first is the battle for the health of the Spanish. I am deeply concerned about the
    lack of protection suffered by doctors, nurses and all health personnel in this country who are our heroes.

  9. In the chapter on democracy, I always say that there is no public health without democratic health. And there are also alarming signs. How is it possible that RTVE emulates the worst we know about TV3? Or close the Transparency Portal and use the CIS to introduce insidious questions that link the truth to official sources, as if the truth could only be decreed by official sources. The last chapter of this gruesome attempt to cut liberties is what happened with the Chief of the General Staff of the Civil Guard at a press conference, when he said that his mission was "to minimize the climate of criticism of the Government", together with that email that It was broadcast from the Civil Guard, speaking that the mission was indeed to combat disaffection towards democratic institutions. It is not acceptable, that is not the mission of the Civil Guard. And this is illegal. Of course it is not the mission of the Government or of the institutions to dedicate themselves to the persecution of criticism, the persecution of the most elementary thing that there is democracy: the debate and the discrepancy.

  10. The concept of responsibility at the moment is crucial, each one has to assume their responsibility in this very serious crisis that we are experiencing, and Mr. Marlaska who appears on Thursday has to give detailed explanations. Try to cover up criticism with applause and emotional appeals to how much
    We work and how close we are seems embarrassing to me.

  11. We are a nation that does not know how to count its dead. That is not acceptable, either. The Government has to know exactly how many people have died in Spain to honor them, pay homage to them and also to better protect the living. As there is no exact x-ray of the epidemic in Spain, because the tests have not been done, there is no Plan for de-escalation.

  12. Spain is going to go from triple to quadruple leadership, with more deaths, more drastic confinement, more severe economic recession and later exit from confinement. Spain needs a de-escalation plan now; there are desperate sectors. The Minister of Labor allowed herself an immense frivolity, launching the idea that the hotel and restaurant sector was not going to open until December. The Government is not a kindergarten, it must take care of what it says because what it says has dramatic effects on the lives of many people.

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