Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo atiende a los medios de comunicación


  1. Democrats have reason to celebrate. Our democratic effort has led to the reopening of Congress in defense of the democratic rights of all citizens.

  2. I said a month ago 'Congress does not close in a state of war.' And that is the battle cry that we have defended these weeks.

  3. We have managed to control the Government again, that the Commissions meet again, that they begin to answer our questions, that the Decrees are amended, that all initiatives are qualified and that Press Conferences like the one held today are organized.

  4. This was no longer a state of alarm, it was a state of democratic quarantine.

  5. The reconstruction of any great Spanish agreement in the coming times has to come on two axes: the Constitution and the balance between public and private.

  6. Sánchez governs with a party that is the antithesis of the La Moncloa pacts, which actively works for the erosion of the brilliant constitutional system of the year 78.

  7. I feel vindicated today. My Parliamentary Group and all the Democrats who wanted the opening of Parliament have reason to celebrate. Today has been
    a victory of the democratic pressure of the Popular Party in defense of the democratic rights of all.

  8. The Presidency of the Congress has rectified the closing of the Congress in the same way that La Moncloa had to rectify with respect to the censorship of the media, with respect to those pre-manufactured, canned press conferences.

  9. We presented this morning, and yesterday I announced it at the joint meeting of deputies, senators and MEPs, a Plan for the immediate reopening of Parliament. And that pressure, together with the pressure exerted especially by Pablo Casado on the Government to open this House, has taken effect.

  10. We started from two basic premises. That the deputies are part of the essential service that has to be in permanent operation so that the Democracy is in operation. And that the deputies are not in a better condition than so many people who are fighting hard in the front line against the Coronavirus: doctors, nurses, cashiers in supermarkets, police and civil guards. All those who are heroically fighting on the front line must have the same commitment and responsibility on the part of their representatives. That meant keeping Congress open, Parliament functioning, and we actively being at our workplace as well.

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