"The sentence is a defeat of totalitarianism, of those who pretended
segregate part of the political community that is Spain with a project
Xenophobic discrimination and rupture. There is no impunity in Spain,
We are in a great democracy. ”

“Those convicted should forgive Spanish society, their families and
also themselves. They have to make a deep reflection: was the
worth all this? Was it worth destroying families, causing damage and
economic devastation? Now it is necessary, from the legal sentence,
a political and social condemnation of these facts. ”

“We must defend the sentence, respect it and demand that it be followed. What
we are seeing in Catalonia is an intolerable spectacle shot from the
own institutions and by the political authority of the autonomous community ”.

“The Government of the nation has to use all the means at its disposal.
Work for public order, with the National Security Law; and for him
administrative public order, almost moral, breaking any agreement
politician with whom they are pulling violence. ”

“On some rare occasions, the political profitability of Sánchez coincides
With the general interest. If for the electoral interest it was convenient to apply the Law
National Security and be strong and guarantor of public order, what
will do. Welcome be. ”

“What should have been done in Catalonia can be summarized in three
points: law, plan and union. The application always of the law; a project
politician who gives incentives, strength and visibility to constitutionalists who
they feel helpless, and a true constitutionalist union ”

“Nationalism would never have been the threat that is if the PSOE
I would have always been firmly with the constitutionalists in Spain. ”

“Pablo Casado does have a plan for Catalonia. He knows what he has to do,
but to do it we have to govern. From the opposition and with the
socialism and Sánchez in Moncloa is extremely complicated, if not
practically impossible".

“I hope the paradox that the person who wanted to convene occurs
These elections are the main defeated. Not only for Spain, but
because that kind of political trilerismo should have a punishment at the polls. ”

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