La portavoz del GPP en el Congreso, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo

  • Madam Vice President. The Government has announced a tribute to 60% of the victims of the pandemic. It is a partial tribute. A mutilated tribute. And you know it.

  • In front of the 28,000 victims recognized by the Government, the INE, the Carlos III Institute and the funeral directors agree that between March and June, some 45,000 more people died than expected in Spain. It is not a numerical mismatch; it is a moral abyss.

  • You leave 17,000 compatriots in limbo or, as the expert Simon said: there. Vice President, I ask you to think about them for a moment and to reply, please. Those 17,000 Spaniards, if they did not die from the pandemic, why did they die?

  • Always the responsibility of others. They never assume theirs. Look Mrs. Bald. You knowingly lie.

  • It is not a technical debate about who is or is not a victim of Covid, but an incontestable fact. I repeat it: in Spain, during this sad spring, 45,000 extra Spaniards have died. It is an incommensurable tragedy. And you hide it for inhumane political expediency.

  • Second. You lie to cover what will be the great slab of your legacy: Spain is the first country in Europe in excess of death. Is that your patriotism? Is that your social shield?

  • President Sánchez also boasts of having saved 450,000 lives. Frankly, why not say 45 million and print T-shirts with his face. With his stony face.

  • And third. I guess you know the movie Life and nothing elseby Bertrand Tavernier. Yesterday I was reminded of it by a good loyal Spanish official. It is the story of the officer in charge of identifying the French soldiers who disappeared during the First World War. The officer is determined to carry out his mission against the wind of technical difficulties and the tide of oblivion. He wants to find out the exact death toll because he knows that each name has an infinite value. His efforts are summarized in the following sentence: You don't play with numbers. It is a moral question’.

  • That's right, vice president. You consider it good and you will end up presiding over a tribute to the unknown patient. They also proposed a similar show to that officer. But he refused, saying: if we do our job well, all the fallen will be identified and honored.

  • We say the same about our dead. Neither is an imaginary patient or an unknown soldier. And they all deserve equal tribute. Give it up. I mean, count them. Recognize them. For the moment, this tribute to the unknown patient that you are preparing is actually a tribute to yourself.

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