La portavoz del GPP en el Congreso, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo

• I strongly and emphatically condemn the savage aggression suffered yesterday by a Vox deputy in Sestao. They are intolerable and unacceptable acts in a democratic system of freedoms but to which we have unfortunately become accustomed over the years.

• I also want to condemn the use of that dirty adversary with which some justify these attacks. They say they were going to provoke. Democracy always provokes totalitarians. Totalitarians do not support pluralism, discrepancy, free dissent, debate of ideas. Totalitarians always see provocation in the democratic exercise. If so, democracy will continue to provoke totalitarians as is their obligation so that there are more spaces of freedom in Spain, so that all of Spain is a space of freedom.

• My personal support and that of the entire GPP to the AVT and to all victims of terrorism. Our political, parliamentary and moral support. We understand and share the deep discomfort they feel today. Today they are outside what is their home. The Congress of Deputies is your home. The victims of terrorism were killed for two reasons, they were killed against Spain and against freedom. And the Congress of Deputies represents Spain and freedom.

• We must ask ourselves why this is happening, what is happening in Spain, if democracy is not expelling victims of terrorism from the sphere of which they own. They are expelled when the investiture of a government is agreed with those who do not condemn political assassination, when major reforms are agreed or their repeal with those that justify political assassination, they are expelled when the authorities cross their arms before the tributes to terrorists , they are expelled when a systematic strategy of laundering of crimes and abandonment and forgetfulness of the victims is implemented.

• There is hyperinflation of victims and of groups that become victims and victimhood in general, at the cost of recognizing and protecting the true victims. That is what is happening with the victims of terrorism. There are more and more groups that consider themselves victims in Spain, and yet the real victims, the real victims, are forgotten and removed. So much so that the perpetrators are considered victims while the victims are separated and excluded.

• I convey to the victims of terrorism a message of democratic hope. Spain is not condemned to forgetting its heroes and its martyrs. Spain is not condemned to the degradation of its democratic institutions. Spain is not condemned to the platform of the Congress of Deputies many times becoming a speaker and platform for an infamous story that equates victims and executioners.

• Only from an attitude of democratic militancy can we make society react, that society electorally punish those who justify the murder or those who agree with those who justify the murder and that Spain is a territory not only physically, but morally, of full freedom and freedom. full democracy.

• The best tribute we can do today to victims of terrorism is to prevent tributes from being paid to terrorists and to legislate for those who pay tributes to terrorists to be punished and duly punished. And that is our commitment.

• We will never accept the parties that justify murder as legitimate interlocutors. That is neither new nor old normal, that is not normal. It is not normal to accept Bildu as another legitimate interlocutor with whom to agree on an investiture in the Government of the nation, or an investiture at the autonomous level or the repeal of the labor reform or General State Budgets. Bildu is not just another legitimate democratic interlocutor, it will be legal, but it is an immoral party, profoundly and radically immoral, with which there is no agreement or compromise.

• There is a lot of talk about covenants. It is very important to talk about covenants, but the covenant is not an end in itself. The pact is an instrument for an end, the decisive question in Spain at the moment is: why do we agree? Not if we agree or not, but for what we agree. And you have to agree. But it is necessary to agree for a renewed constitutionalist agreement, militantly constitutionalist. That Third Spain, the Spain of the Transition, is the one that is brutally attacked always by one against the other.

• The aggression is never from constitutionalism to nationalism, it is always from the nationalists against the constitutionalists. Violence is one-way. It always occurs from nationalism against constitutionalism and often with the equidistant role of the left. And there is no intermediate point between the Constitution and the absence of a Constitution.

• We will achieve, and this is my personal commitment and that of the GPP, that the victims return to their home, which is the Congress of Deputies. The victims have to return to their home and our commitment is that they do so. And we will work tirelessly, we will stand up without fear, without any hesitation in defense of the constitutional order and so that the victims of terrorism will soon again be within the Congress of Deputies and that they do so in the rostrum of honor and for the Big door.

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