• “The spokesman of the PSOE has recognized that this is the Chamber of Socialist Sovereignty, where the Government rates group initiatives based on whether they are friends or not and, above all, whether they are socialists. It is a recognition that goes out of every order of parliamentary dignity. ”
  • “The acting Vice President of the Government has decided that she will come to Congress tomorrow. I take it for granted that she will answer me in the Control Session, to the question that was prepared for another member of the Government. I hope he gives his approval this afternoon. ”
  • “The vocation of the PP is to add, widen and expand the basis of constitutionalism. Neither vetoes nor borders nor trenches nor sectarianism. We have to reissue a great consensus on common basic principles. ”
  • “We will continue working to unite everyone who does feel connected with the constitutional and democratic values, that which has come to be called Spain Suma. We defend it with true conviction and with the will to move forward. ”
  • "Spain Suma is somewhat open to all people who defend freedom, equality between people and the rule of law. We don't see if they have the card of one party or another. ”

  • “On Thursday we will celebrate the important act at the headquarters of national sovereignty Spaniards in defense of the common. We will extend invitation to the act to groups that feel identified with those constitutional values. In a very marked way I will call the spokeswoman for Citizens and talk to the spokesperson for Vox; as well as with other parties. ”
  • "We encourage people who are in the PSOE, and who continue to feel linked to constitutional values, to come to that act on Thursday."
  • "The sliding of the PSOE towards positions absolutely outside a constitutional consensus It is alarming. He has voted with Bildu and against the Constitutional Court in a proposal that equates victims with executioners and that also insults the State Security Forces and Bodies. Where are the socialists with a minimum sense of democratic and constitutional dignity?
  • “Nationalism and separatism have turned the Diada into the exaltation of confrontation and civil division. We will continue to work for the union, usually for the Spanish approach"
  • “We will continue to defend the Rule of law, the application of the Law and judicial sentences and, therefore, to the courts. We are going to defend the Supreme Court, both from those who attack it and from those who intend to devalue their sentences. ”
  • "We are going to vote ‘no’ on the PSOE initiative on euthanasia. What would surprise me is that parties that have been with us in the central consensus on palliative care could support such an initiative. ”
  • “The information I have read about the president of the senate I deserve the worst possible rating. It seems to me a fraud, especially since Mr. Cruz came to politics as an alleged intellectual. What I have read about him is really disabling. ”

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