Mrs. Bald. On Sunday, Pere Aragonés, vice president of the Generalitat and his investiture partner, declared the following: ‘What is the Bourbon monarchy if not a criminal organization? We have to advance from the Catalan Republic to bring down this regime and this Monarchy. ’

Yesterday, with Esquerra's vote, the Catalan Parliament requested the abdication of Felipe VI and the disapproval of Mr. Sánchez. Tell me: does the government intend to continue to cultivate the support of parties that attack the Constitution?

Effectively no more. I mean, nothing. Mrs. Bald. These days in Europe the reality principle has been imposed. There will be no European support for a counter-reform program. Much less for a breakup agenda. However, that is what its partners promote: a rupture agenda.

They attack, first, the democratic order. And what do you do? They keep the table with Torra, now established as an unusual anti-monarchy prosecutor. And they contemplate, passive, the premature release of Junqueras, a republican fake who puts identity before equality and who confuses bonhomia with the right to commit a crime. Even to backslide!

His partners also attack the King. They want to win against La Corona what they lost against the Constitution. As if Corona and Constitution were not inseparable today. The modern monarchy is the daughter of the Constitution. That is, from the Spanish people.

And what does the government do? The President stirs the debate on the Monarchy to cover up his deplorable management of the pandemic. And the vice president takes advantage of the maneuver to directly target Felipe VI. Skilled generating noise on the King; useless tracking the virus.

Finally: its partners challenge the economic and social consensus of the old Moncloa Pacts. And what do you do? They agree with Bildu to repeal the labor reform. And now they say that this radical agenda is compatible with the help of Europe. It is not.

There is no European support for a radical agenda. Nor is there support in Spain for a rupture agenda.

Mrs. Bald, accept the reality principle. There and here.

Spare your anti-monarchy campaigns. To create a Republic or a Confederation, the Constitution must be repealed. And the Constitution cannot be repealed without the support of the Popular Party. And that will never happen.

Lose all hope. Don't encourage fictions. Neither political nor economic.

Give up your counter-reform drive and the braggarts of the breakup. And face the Reformation.  The Reformation is the great legacy of the Transition. It is the clear mandate of Europe. And it is the point, the center, where they will meet the Popular Party.

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