La portavoz del GPP, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, en declaraciones a medios


  • We have attended a lacerating humiliation of the candidate Sánchez. Mr. Rufián has raised the price of the investiture explicitly speaking of amnesty and self-determination while Sanchez assumed it with a half smile.
  • This has not been an investiture to the Presidency of the Government, but a ramming against the Spanish rule of law. A concerted attack, starring and led by the candidate for the Presidency of the Government.

  • Mr. Sánchez, instead of defending Spanish justice, has joined the ramming against the rule of law attacking the three main judicial instances that have slowed the Process these years and Catalan nationalism in its delusions. To the Central Electoral Board, talking about tricks and tricks from the extreme right; to the Supreme Court, saying that there is a political conflict and that justice has been an obstacle to its resolution, and already this afternoon to the Constitutional Court, noting that it had exceeded its ruling on the Statute of Catalonia.

  • To speak of Justice as an obstacle to the resolution of political problems is the basis of any solvent thought of a democratic order of coexistence and freedom.

  • I want to repeat an appeal to the Democrats regardless of their ideologies. I refer to deputies of the PSOE or the deputy of Teruel Existe, who also has a historical responsibility, so that they defend not one more left or right program, not concrete measures, but the Spanish rule of law.

  • Sánchez confuses the rule of law with the extreme right. No. The rule of law protects the democracy, freedoms and equality of all Spaniards before the Law. And the obligation of every Democrat regardless of his political sensitivity, in this critical and serious Spanish hour, is to go out in defense of the State of right.

  • We will do everything possible and everything necessary to defend the rule of law. We are going to get these seditious agreements, solvent for the rule of law, to become wet paper. Everything they are promising each other today, what they are assuming each other, will face the PP.

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