Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, en el Pleno en el Congreso de los Diputados


Summary of the plenary session on Wednesday in five points.

  1. The concealment of the dead. Pablo Casado had a very important gesture when he got on the platform and asked for a minute of silence for the dead. That petition dignified Congress and filled a moral vacuum that was taking place.
  2. Up to three times Casado asked Sánchez if he was going to ask for a ransom from Europe, because the previous day the Italian prime minister revealed that Spain was apparently going to ask for a European ransom. Sánchez did not answer.

  3. Health devastation. Casado asked him several times who those test and mask fraud commissions were for, and he did not answer either. We are sending unprotected people to fight in harsh circumstances. Once again the left, which stands as the embodiment of the protective state, is leaving the most vulnerable workers at the most critical moment at the feet of horses. They are causing social orphanhood.

  4. Attack on liberties. He also asked who ordered the Civil Guard to follow the criticism of the Government and did not answer that question either.

  5. The Descaling. Guillermo Mariscal asked the Minister of Health what de-escalation plans exist in Spain: Cómo How? when?'. There is no Exit Plan, as there was no Plan against the virus nor is there.

No Government Plan to lift the confinement

  1. We are confined at home, but also in the incompetence of this Government, in censorship and in lies. But we are going to free ourselves. The Spanish fortress, the
    Spanish mobilization and the Spanish will to continue being an adult democracy continues.

  2. Yesterday we distributed to the parliamentary groups our concrete proposal for the constitution of the Recovery Commission, which must be open and transparent and to which all those who suffer the sanitary, economic, social and freedoms impact must come, and all those who can ensure that Spain is going to stand up for itself.

  3. Our vote in the extension of the alarm is to tell the government ‘I repudiate practically all your facts, your lies, your incompetence and attacks on freedom, but I value the life of my compatriots so much that I am going to vote yes.’ Yes, that the impressive sacrifice of doctors and nurses is worth it; yes to the Ice Palace not being a morgue again and yes to the sick and infected returning home and not going to swell that black hole of the dead without counting.

  4. The confinement must be lifted with a reasonable de-escalation plan, which the government does not have. If we push in the right direction, it will have to be sooner than what the government's frivolous forecasts sometimes throw into the air. There must be a Plan to lift the confinement by sectors, areas, territories. There are Communities that are doing it before the absolute vacuum of the State.

  5. We have to put the pressure now on the Plan of de-escalation to be able to lift the confinement as soon as possible and not completely destroy the economy. How much
    the more the confinement is lengthened by the ineptitude of the Government, the more the economy is destroyed in the medium and long term.

  6. The Government has two essential obligations beyond the many others of pure management: to count the dead well to pay homage to them and to protect
    the living, and find out why they died.

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