• In the Plaza of the University of Barcelona there is a camp of alleged students; just presumed, because studying does not study. I am surprised that the rectors are not there. The camp leaders should be the rectors because, in an unusual alliance, they are dedicated to hauling these subsidized boys so that they do not go to class and to prevent other students, who do want to learn, can do so.

  • The rectors and politicians who allow this should camp indefinitely. Lose all hope, independence will never happen. Catalonia is not going to be independent, there is not going to be a referendum of self-determination and the most important thing we have to do the Catalans and the Spaniards is now going to vote this Sunday: one more seat for the PP and everything will change.

  • Mayor Ada Colau is always on the side of nationalists, as is often the case with populisms. It has the obligation to vacate this Plaza so that we can exercise our democratic right to campaign in the streets of Barcelona with NNGG.

  • We offer Catalonia and the whole of Spain democracy and freedom. Here the law will be applied and we will implement a plan for the democratic reconstruction of Catalonia.

  • There is another constitutionalist Catalonia and we will encourage it, promote it, help it, empower it, prestige and budget. You will never feel helpless again and that's why we go out to win.

  • Pablo Casado made an excellent debate. He is the only alternative there is to Pedro Sánchez. We are very little to be able to win the elections and we need that all those who want to end their Government and their alliances with Torra, Puigdemont, Otegui and company, regroup their vote around the PP. Never was a useful vote more patriotic and necessary.

  • Mr. Sanchez's project is the pronationalist patches of plurinationality. In this community, Mr. Iceta defended the right to decide and now he cannot say how many nations there are in Catalonia.

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