Headlines of Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo in the Parliament of Catalonia

  1. The Government of the Generalitat insistently says that it empathizes with the violent and the Vandals. Well, from the PP we empathize with the 18 national policemen injured and the 54 mossos attacked yesterday by squads pulled by Torra; as well as with the 500 troops that have had to move here to prevent that violence from going further.We empathize with all those Catalans who do respect the law, freedom and coexistence. We empathize with all the Democratic, peaceful and constitutionalist Catalans who feel, and have felt for a long time, helpless and unprotected, and who demand a government that defends their rights and freedoms
  2. We want a National Security Government in Spain. A National Security Government that guarantees public order, effective compliance with the law, and the rights and freedoms of all Catalans.
  3. It is absolutely useless to appeal already, or in any circumstance, to the torra arsonist
  4. It is also useless to appeal to Mr. Sánchez, who is president of the Government thanks to the votes and support of two coup plotters, and who maintains his alliances and political ties with the torra arsonist in the Diputación de Barcelona and in 40 municipalities.
  5. The weakness of the socialist government is manifest and its collusion with nationalism is structural. Sanchez is an intimate part of the problem and therefore cannot be the solution.
  6. This fire that we are living now only goes out on November 10. Faced with the call of the radicals to the barricades, we say, solemnly and calmly, but firmly: Spaniards, at the polls, to vote.
  7. We have the political solution within the democratic reach of our hand on 10-N. We want urns to enforce the law and return to public order in Catalonia; urns to reverse the withdrawal of the state, democracy and freedom; urns to set up an active constitutionalist policy.
  8. Three weeks after an election, what touches is to remove powers from Sanchez, not give him new ones.
  9. It is Mr. Torra who has to answer if 155 applies.

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