Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo atiende a los medios de comunicación


  • We will resort to the appointment of Dolores Delgado before the Supreme Court for being a person who clearly does not meet the strict requirements of suitability, neutrality and impartiality required for the position.
  • If I already had serious doubts about his suitability, I did not have one left after his appearance in Congress. Hate, animosity and hostility to everything that is not of his rope, his ideology and his political group seemed disabling.
  • And not only her appearance, but her long and extensive library of systematic verbal aggression to the PP, in her ministering stage, disable her to take up the position. It cannot be the attorney general of the State who expresses and distils a sectarianism and hatred of the main opposition party that puts her under suspicion in her actions. He is not a neutral person.
  • His appointment clearly benefits only the executive branch and separatism, and clearly damages democracy, the rule of law.


  • The Bureau between the Government of Spain and a delegation of the Generalitat of Catalonia is an affront to the Constitution, to the coexistence between Spaniards and the constitutionalists in Catalonia, who are offended and aggrieved. We ask that it be called off.
  • It is a Bureau for amnesty, at the service of separatism – more specifically of an inmate, Mr. Junqueras – and at the service of the Government itself in its bleaching. What that Bureau seeks is to launder the criminals and also to launder the Government.
  • I hope that Calvo will come tomorrow Wednesday to the interpellation of the GPP in Congress, to appear in this House and answer us. It would be a double affront, a double contempt for Parliament that, in addition to constituting that table tomorrow, the vice president would not come to answer the GPP's interpellation.


  • We are going to ask in the Congress for an Investigation Commission for sexual assaults and abuse of minors in the Balearic Islands and the Valencian Community. We hope that the PSOE and other parties support us.
  • We have verified, after the appearance of the Minister of Equality and the response of Vice President Iglesias, the oceanic hypocrisy of the left that covers the abuses of supervised minors when they govern.
  • My most absolute and close support and support to the members of the FyCSE that Irene Montero, in an act of infinite frivolity, accused practically of leaving the victims at the feet of the horses after the aggressions.
  • We will present an NLP to preserve the neutrality of the institutions, so that the Presidency of the EFE Agency is directed differently from the current one, that is, that it has the parliamentary support through a prior hearing and a reinforced majority vote in the Camera.


  • We never enter to play with alarmism or laziness. We must find the point of balance, in which we are, of action, prevention and respect for the protocols that are established.
  • Where the Minister of Health has to be tomorrow is not in a Table with separatism, but in dealing with this serious matter in which he will have our support to do so in the most effective way possible.


  • Iturgaiz is a person I have known for many years who I have a deep appreciation and affection, and from the GPP we are going to help the constitutionalism in the Basque Country get the best possible result.
  • A strong alternative is needed in the Basque Country, but also throughout Spain, of a regrouped constitutionalism and determined to defend the best Spain, which is the constitutional one, which is the true third Spain, which seeks to liquidate the alliance of socialists and separatists.


  • We will ask for a reform of the Criminal Code (article 402) so that the one who illegitimately remains in a position is typified and sanctioned when he no longer meets the criteria for which he accessed it, as with Torra, which no longer has a requirement which was necessary to access the Presidency of the Generalitat (the status of deputy required by the Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia).

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