Yesterday I spoke with Batet and told him that we could not allow the embarrassing and degrading session to be repeated a few months ago, when dozens of elected deputies swore their office in violation of the Constitutional Court ruling. With democratic withdrawal, he acknowledged that it would happen again.

We have to defend ourselves and our institutions and put in place the mechanisms that exist. If there are not enough mechanisms, we must reform them to protect our Chamber and our democracy from those who attack it from outside and from those who now attack it from within.

Sanchez is an integralist: power is his god and bows to him with fanaticism. Everything is subject to his permanence in power and ‘everything’ means Spain.

With Sánchez, the coup plotters are progressive in Spain. The Government of Spain is in the hands of a person imprisoned for sedition, for an attack on the Spanish democratic state. We begin to consider what is a deep anomaly in contemporary Spanish politics normal.

I would love for Sánchez to stop being what he has been. That will lead an absolute turn and a total rectification on itself and the policy of alliance of the PSOE with separatists, nationalists, coup plotters and even filoterrorists. But I don't see any clue that allows me to harbor any hope, rather the opposite.

If we abstained, how would Sánchez rule the next minute? With whom, for what, what would you do with Spain? What would you do in Navarra, what would you do in the Basque Country, what would you do in Catalonia? It would make a policy of constitutional dissolution.

We are in a moment of serious political crisis, in a moment of destructive will. There are political forces that want to destroy this constitutional order and are the main allies for the formation of a government.

The only option to stop this would be a large government of constitutional concentration, but it would only be possible with a PSOE willing to constitutional policy. Unfortunately, that PSOE does not appear anywhere.

A third election would be Mr. Sánchez's fifths. He should not have the moral right to present himself again. This man is a walking failure, he is not able to enter the Government through the large door of the polls. He entered through the door of a motion of censure with coup plotters.

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