Holders of his intervention:

  • "Spaniards in defense of the common is an act against the old Spanish Cainism, an act in favor of coexistence, which is only possible if we recognize what we have in common."
  • “Together the different is the path of constitutional defense. It is the moral path and, in addition, it is the effective path. ”
  • This is not an exclusively recast project of the right center, it is broader. It is for all of us who defend the law, freedom and equality. ”
  • "The wave of fragmentation is evident, but the regrouping of the space of reason will end up happening because it is good for Spain and the Spaniards."
  • “You cannot defend the Nation by making a policy of identity segregation. The left has undertaken a reactionary drift that has divided the political community into groups, destroying the criteria that unite us as citizens and that make possible a policy for the entire community. ”
  • "Sanchez has broken the dikes of the constitutional defense with important milestones such as the motion of censure, which allows him to govern thanks to a fugitive and another leader imprisoned for the crimes of rebellion, sedition or embezzlement."
  • “We still have to see, if there are sentences in the sentences, if the PSOE would also be willing to govern with criminals in exercise. He already does it with exdelicuentes in Navarra. These things transcend what is acceptable in a democratic system and place the PSOE outside that constitutional block. ”
  • “Less assistance in the Diada should not lead us to complacency. Complacency is what has brought us here. ”
  • "If there is tiredness in separatism, we must take advantage of it to set up a regrouping and mobilization project based on the spirit of October 8".
  • “Let no one interpret acts as Spaniards in defense of the common as electoral tricks. This is serious. It requires generosity, demands greatness, long vision, state vision, and we also offer all that. ”
  • “We are militants of democracy, the Constitution and Spain rather than militants of any political party. The defense of democracy comes before the defense of any acronym. ”
  • “When a democracy needs civil heroes it is because something is not going well. You have to defend them, protect them, protect them and there is no better way to do it than by giving them the word, voice and prominence. ”
  • “The discrepancy can never be synonymous with dissent. Disagreement, debate, is fundamental within a political organization to be able to expand it to much wider spaces. ”
  • “Broadening our base and openness of spirit is synonymous with strength. Freedom does not weaken, but strengthens. ”

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