Casado proposes a commission of inquiry into the management of the pandemic to determine the “negligence” of the Government and its responsibilities
Today, during an interview at Cope

The PP affirms that granting the title of large family taking into account income, as proposed by Pablo Iglesias, undermines support for households with more children

The spokesperson for Fisheries of the Popular Parliamentary Group in the Senate, Amaya Landín, stated today, in the Committee on Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, that "Mediterranean trawlers are denouncing that with this Government, their way of life is going to disappear, and with them thousands of direct and indirect jobs; and not because the sea is depleted, but because it is the PSOEUnidas Podemos government that is depleting its future.

Landín was referring to this in the debate on a motion of the GPP, on the problem of trawling in the Mediterranean, which has been approved with the vote against the PSOE, in the Committee on Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, held today in the Senate.

The PP parliamentarian has pointed out that the first of the motions on fishing brought to its debate in the Commission, "has wanted to deal with a topic of vital interest to the entire Mediterranean, such as trawling."

Throughout her intervention, the Fisheries spokesperson recalled that the controversy jumped a few months ago among fishermen, after the publication of Ministerial Order 423/2020, of May 18, which established a Management Plan for the conservation of demersal fishery resources in the Mediterranean Sea.

“Once again, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, through its Secretary of Fisheries, once again ignored the demands of the sector, ignoring their allegations to questions related to the maximum allowable effort, the distribution of days in which they can develop their activity, or the application of closed areas ", explained Landín, after which he wanted to emphasize that these are" all vital issues for the viability of hundreds of vessels that operate legally and legitimately in the Mediterranean ”.

In the same way, the PP senator for Cantabria has indicated that, currently, “no port in the Spanish Mediterranean is satisfied with this Ministerial Order promoted by the Government, whose consequences have an important economic and social component that affects the 3,500 crew members, who they operate in almost 600 vessels; as well as the numerous fishing ports located in the five Mediterranean Spanish Autonomous Communities and the two autonomous cities that are affected ”.


At another point in her speech, Amaya Landín stated that it should not be forgotten that demersal fishing, or trawling, is a fishing modality that is strategic in the Mediterranean. “What's more, trawling is one of the most important in some Autonomous Communities and localities both for its activity, as well as for the number of direct and indirect jobs it generates, as well as for being a hallmark of many territories for fish and shellfish obtained with this activity ”, he added.

After his presentation, Landín concluded by highlighting that “trawling has made great efforts to adapt to the new reality of the blue economy; and it has done it by means of instruments, rigs and innovative precision techniques that are added to procedures already applied for years ”.

"However, the Government does not make efforts, or listen to or address the priority issues for the Sector and for the Mediterranean," he concluded.

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