AMETIC, the employer of the digital industry in Spain, has created a Digital Talent Observatory to help anticipate and meet the demand for digital profiles, and define the skills and training needs of the digital sector in the medium and long term. In short, it aims to be a barometer of the status of digital talent in Spain, generating prospective and projective information on trends in the acquisition and management of it in the future.

The Observatory aims to be a reference for all social agents, business, media and Spanish society, while positioning AMETIC as a reference point of opinion regarding digital talent. In this way, the Observatory will generate reliable information on the status of the issue, in addition to using necessary sources, progressively incorporated; promote the participation of all AMETIC partners, or collect sources of information and figures to integrate them into a single database. From the Observatory, a quarterly and annual report will also be made.

The Observatory will have various sources, which will allow obtaining information on the professional profiles with the highest demand, skills needed to cover them, or location of professionals by technological field. Based on the information collected, the aim is to obtain a map of the state of talent in Spain, which allows companies to establish their strategic plans. On the other hand, it will help to define in the medium and long term the training tendencies that are essential to start up to achieve the digital talent that the country demands.

The Observatory is promoted by the Alliance for the Development of Digital Talent, through the Working Group “The work of the future”, which includes, among its actions, the mission of developing this key, analytical and objective tool for the adequate development of digital talent in Spain. The companies participating in the launch of the Observatory are: Amazon Web Services (AWS), EULEN Flexiplán, IMF Business School, MBIT SCHOOL and SERESCO.

For Pedro Mier, president of AMETIC, “the creation of this Digital Talent Observatory highlights AMETIC's commitment to the promotion of digital skills in Spain. One of the great needs of today's society is digital talent, and the debate is how we generate talent of sufficient quality and quantity to respond to the challenges posed by digitalization. We have ahead of us the important task of promoting digital skills among workers, so that they retain their work, but also to have new professional profiles that will arise from the digitalization of productive processes ”.

II Forum Alliance for the Development of Digital Talent in Spain

AMETIC organized in June the II Forum Alliance for the Development of Digital Talent in Spain, with the aim of raising awareness of the new skills requested by ICT organizations and other sectors that are in the process of digitalization. During its course, it was revealed that 90% of future jobs will require digital skills. However, Spanish companies have difficulty finding ICT specialists, hence the importance of promoting digital skills.

The objective of this forum is to raise awareness of the new skills requested by ICT organizations and other sectors that are in the process of digitalization, and offer practical solutions for their achievement, involving all stakeholders from an open innovation model and platform for public-private collaboration.

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