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AMETIC, the employer of the digital industry in Spain, has presented the report Quantum Spain: A business approach, It offers a broad vision of what quantum technologies are, and their impact on different business sectors, helping to increase their productivity. Being one of the most disruptive technologies of recent years, AMETIC has opted to create within the Commission of Innovation, the Working Group on Information, Computation and Quantum Cybersecurity, which has prepared this report.

The employers thus pursue the Spanish business fabric occupies a leading position in quantum technologies, from a double perspective. One of application, to improve the competitiveness of companies in sectors such as banking, automotive, health, pharmaceutical, aeronautics, etc. thanks to the adoption of solutions based on quantum technologies, and another offer, to increase the companies providing these technologies, as well as its catalog.

In this sense, the AMETIC Working Group will present the quantum technological solutions, to activate their demand in the different sectors of the economy, and will inform the business sector of the actors involved, and of their activities related to science and technology. quantum technologies. The management encourages all interested entities to join the Working Group and collaborate together to promote the sector.

The presence of AMETIC in different national and European bodies, allows employers to act as a triple hinge in the defense of the interests of Spanish companies: on the one hand, between technological supply and demand; on the other, between public entities and the private sector; and, finally, between national and European strategies. In this way, the capacity of the Working Group is maximized in the dissemination of the potential of quantum technologies, and in the contribution to the strategies and actions necessary for its development in the fields of R & D and market.

Quantum technologies in Spain

In the case of a demand market that is still very incipient, among the requests of the technological sector is to ensure that quantum technologies have a specific presence in the next national R & D & I strategy and in the corresponding national plans, both in the scientific field and in the business R & D + i

A specific support instrument for R & D & I in quantum technologies would promote the development of the ecosystem in Spain, its alignment, and the use of the available capacities in the scientific and business areas, both in technological offer as in demand and potential of application in key sectors of our country.

Under the premise that quantum technologies are going to suppose an authentic revolution in computing, companies must begin to define their strategy and positioning. Companies that take a step forward, innovating and preparing for this revolution, will be able to capitalize on the opportunities that these technologies will bring to the market. To do this, quantum immersion strategies should be planned based on action plans, which should address how the transformation will be made in the short term, and from a strategic point of view.

For Pedro Mier, president of AMETIC"If we are able to join forces and align scientific and university community, technology centers, public administrations and the business sector, Spain can play an important role in the future of this strategic and promising sector. From AMETIC, we encourage the business sector to join the movement, so that Spain takes advantage of this promising opportunity and becomes a 'quantum country' ".

During the presentation of the Report, Francisco Hortigüela, general director of AMETIC, bet on the development of quantum technologies as a tool to achieve a more competitive country. On the other hand, Luis Fernando Álvarez-Gascón, president of the Innovation Commission of AMETIC, highlighted the work of the employers to transfer the importance of R + D + i to political discourse and society as a whole, and advocated that quantum technology be adequately reflected in the new R + D + i state strategy for the period 2021-27. "From AMETIC we bet to reach an investment in R + D + i of 2% of the GDP, and for that we ask the Administration and the private sector to increase their efforts".

He also highlighted the importance of minimizing bureaucracy, achieving a stable budgetary framework, betting on macro-projects, tractors or boosting digital talent. For Alfonso Rubio-Manzanares, coordinator of the Computational and Cybersecurity Quantum Working Group of AMETIC, Spain should not miss this third quantum revolution, and invited ecosystem entities to join AMETIC to work together.

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