The arrival of the Cycling Tour of Spain in Ávila is the reason why the company associated with the Confederación Abulense de Empresarios, CONFAE, Montajes Eléctricos Diego Díez S.L., has decided to launch an awareness campaign due to its commitment "to the city and to sports".

The presentation ceremony, which took place on the esplanade of the Four Posts of Avila, was attended by Diego Díez García, member of the Executive Committee of CONFAE; the head of the organizing company and president of the Young Entrepreneurs Association, integrated in CONFAE, Diego Díez López; Ángel Sánchez Jiménez, Councilor for Culture, Education and Neighborhoods Attached; the provincial deputy José Luis del Nogal; the cyclists Julio Jiménez, David González and Sergio Hernández; as well as representatives of the Local Police of Ávila and the National Police.

"We like cycling, we are committed to it and for that reason we want to make everyone aware of the importance of maintaining a safe distance" with cyclists when driving, explained the head of the campaign, Diego Diez.

During those days "there will be many cyclists who come to see the Tour of different parts of the province and surely go by bike," he said, and also "every day more people are cycling to their workplace as usual means of transport, so we must realize how important it is something as simple as leaving a meter and a half away with the cyclist, which is what life gives you. "

The merchandising, which will be distributed to anyone who wants to collaborate with this campaign, has "a double function", because in addition to raising awareness, "it is reflective, and now that the days are going to be shorter, they will have more brightness and more visibility."

T-shirts, stickers, keychains and bags are some of the objects that are part of this campaign. Also, an arrow that measures "meter and a half, which is the distance to be left with the cyclist, so that people become aware of what it is" visually.

Another important part of this campaign will be the movement in social networks through the hashtag #Haydistanciasquetedanlavida, with which it is intended that Internet users "upload photos representing what is a meter and a half for us, either making a pizza of that size and photographing it, or another occurrence."

The presentation of this campaign has been attended by the cyclist Julio Jiménez, who has said that today these types of campaigns are positive to try to raise awareness of people "respecting" the cyclist. "The bicycle is the weakest, and you have to respect the person who does not wear more than a helmet," he said.

This initiative has also been supported by the Local Police of Ávila that "contributes to the awareness of respect for the cyclist. A way to save lives both in urban and interurban roads," said the inspector of Local Police of Ávila, Julio Díaz. In addition, "it is good for people to know data such as that the continuous line can be exceeded to overtake a cyclist on interurban roads." All this "has an impact on the final figures", such as the fifteen abuses, which include the abuses of cyclists, which have taken place from January to the month of July this year.

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