An international hashish traffic organization dismantled

Joint operation of the Civil Guard and the Royal Police of Gibraltar

38 people have been arrested, 3,600 kilograms of hashish seized and 10 vessels used for drug trafficking seized

The operation has been developed in the provinces of Cádiz and Málaga and in Gibraltar

The Civil Guard and the Royal Police of Gibraltar have developed the HELL / HALOGEN operation in which it has been possible to completely dismantle an important criminal organization dedicated to introducing large numbers of hashish into the Peninsula and using Gibraltar to launder money from drug trafficking. They have been arrested 38 people, seized 3,600 kilograms of hashish, 10 boats, 3 jet skis, as well as numerous intervened accounts and other actions related to money laundering.

At the end of last year the Civil Guard has knowledge of a criminal organization that introduced large numbers of hashish in the Peninsula and in turn laundered the money from this illegal activity by starting the operation "Helix." Fruit of the investigations in jIn addition, 3,500 kilos of hashish were seized and 29 arrests of people of Spanish nationality were carried out in the Campo de Gibraltar and Malaga. 16 records were made in warehouses, homes in the Comarca del Campo de Gibraltar and in the province of Malaga. In this operation, 19 vehicles were intervened, three of them recovered after being robbed; 7 boats and 380,000 euros in cash.

The Civil Guard investigators identified several Gibraltarian citizens who were part of this criminal network among which was the head of the same.
That is why a close collaboration and exchange of information was established between the Civil Guard and the Royal Gibraltar Police, through its unit against financial crimes and money laundering, which initiated its own investigation called Operation Halogen that was activated in parallel to Operation Propeller.
On October 22, 2019, Operation HALÓGENO reached its culminating stage with records made in 9 homes in Gibraltar and the detention of 9 individuals of British nationality – five men and four women – on suspicion of money laundering. Additionally, the Gibraltar Police (RGP) seized 9 vehicles, 3 yachts, 3 jet skis, cash and other valuables.
As a result of this operation the Supreme Court of Gibraltar issued a restrictive order under the Law of Criminal Profits to freeze fourteen bank accounts, intervene three taxi licenses, three commercial establishments and three residential properties.
During one of the searches, more than 400 cans of gasoline of the type used by speedboats were also confiscated for refueling tasks on the high seas.
The RGP used a device of seventy policemen, with the support of specialists from the Gibraltar Military Police (GDP) and the canine section of the Customs Department (HM Customs). Additionally, four operational members of the Civil Guard were present during the searches.
The nine arrested by the R.G.P. They have been released on bail with a payment of £ 10,000 (pounds) each, and will have to appear at the Gibraltar Commissioner in April 2020. The investigation remains open and no further police proceedings are ruled out soon.
The operation has been carried out by agents of the Civil Guard of the Algeciras and Malaga Commanders.


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