An OECD study highlights the portal "I learn at home" and the MEFP collaboration with RTVE as models for teaching during the Covid-19 crisis

This OECD study also highlights the special programming of educational content We Learn at Home, the result of collaboration with RTVE, as successful models for maintaining teaching during confinement following the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Spanish model could be used for "educational initiatives aimed at improving education in places of difficult accessibility", concludes the report by Marta Encinas-Martín (2020), Spain: I learn at home (Education continuity stories series, OECD, Paris). "It can also serve as an example for other areas, such as healthcare, a single portal where professionals and users can find all the information and resources collected by the competent administrations and in collaboration with the different actors," the document added.

The main objective of the portal, launched on March 23, has been to "make quality material available to teachers, families and Spanish students" to maintain teaching, despite confinement, the study recalls. The state initiative thus complemented "other initiatives of the educational authorities of the Autonomous Communities".

"A great effort by everyone"

"The main challenge has been the speed with which the portal has had to be organized," says the study. "Launching a solid and coordinated supply of resources in just 10 days, with an attractive format and accessible to all students, including those who are in the most vulnerable situations, has required a great effort on the part of all," he highlights. In this sense, it echoes the collaboration between public and private institutions, the teaching staff and the different departments of the MEFP, in particular the National Institute of Educational Technologies and Teacher Training (INTEF).

The result is a platform "organized in clear sections that address the entire educational community", in which "users can find a considerable amount of resources and services in a clear way", which is an "effective way to support teachers, students and families. "

To this is added the collaboration with RTVE for the implementation of the programming of didactic contents "We learn at home", whose information is also available on the portal, and which the OECD study values ​​as part of the same initiative. This special program highlights its innovation for several reasons: the duration of the broadcasts, five hours, from Monday to Friday; that it is aimed at all stages of compulsory education, Primary (6-12 years) and Secondary (12-16 years); the transfer of content by institutions, organizations and teachers; and the content division by subjects, each with its assigned day of the week.

That of Spain is one of the particular cases analyzed by OECD education experts in the framework of a joint initiative with the World Bank, the Global Initiative for Innovation in Education of Harvard University and the NGO HundrED, compiled on the web "Lessons for education during the coronavirus crisis".

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