An outdoor marijuana macroplant dismantled in Zaragoza

The place where they grew the drug had an advanced irrigation system with rafts, solar panels, as well as several guard posts.

The four detainees – between 23 and 28 years old – lived on the land where they grew more than 2,600 plants of this drug

The Civil Guard, within the framework of the "Mariapilatos" operation, has dismantled a plantation of 2,656 marijuana plants that were cultivated in Mequinenza (Zaragoza) and has detained four people for crimes against public health, for growing and making drugs , and membership in an organized group.

The investigation began in May due to the existence of a farm where marijuana could be being grown. As a result of the proceedings, the Civil Guard has located the plantation area, in the case of four contiguous terraces with an approximate area of ​​4,600 square meters, difficult to detect due to the existing vegetation in the surroundings.

Installation of solar panels, greenhouse and surveillance posts

To grow the plants, the traffickers cut down many trees and built two irrigation ponds. They also had an advanced installation of solar panels, hidden among the vegetation, to provide electricity to the large tents in which they were housed.
They had a kitchen area -even with a fridge and oven-, another for a bedroom, as well as building a greenhouse for the drying process of marijuana.
On the perimeter of the plantation area, the agents located different guard posts, camouflaged among the undergrowth, and with mattresses inside, from where all possible accesses to the farm were visualized.
During one of the surveillance devices, several men attacked the Civil Guards deployed there with an aggressive attitude, at which point they were arrested.
The perpetrators, who communicated by broadcasts from the different surveillance posts, put up strong resistance during the arrests. They are four men, aged between 23 and 28 years.
After these arrests, the Civil Guard has carried out a search on the farm where they had a total of 2,656 plants in different stages of growth, 10 solar panels, scales for weighing the substance, more than a kilogram of marijuana buds. , plants in the drying process and various documentation that is being analyzed by the researchers.
The operation, which is still open, has been carried out by the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police of the Zaragoza Command, the Judicial Police of Caspe, the Citizen Security Unit of Zaragoza (USECIC) and citizen security personnel of the Caspe Company.
For any questions or clarification in relation to the content of this note, you should contact the Peripheral Communication Office of the Civil Guard in Zaragoza, telephone 696 95 77 82.


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