La senadora Ana Alos, en Sesión de Control

Recommends to Minister Illa that he dedicate himself to giving "guidelines for sanitary protection to businesses and not setting prices for shirts and washing machines"

The deputy spokesperson for the Popular Group and senator for Huesca, Ana Alós, has described the Government's contradictions with the sales as "nth," while recommending that Minister Illa dedicate himself to giving "guidelines for health protection to businesses and not to put prices on shirts and washing machines. "

During the executive control session held this afternoon in the Senate, the PP senator asked the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, how the prohibition of sales in physical stores would affect trade and not in the electronic commerce.

Ana Alós has begun her intervention by saying to the Minister that “you may think that my question about the prohibition of sales has already fallen out of place because, again, after unanimous criticism from the commercial sector and the registration of our question for this full, they have rectified and now they allow discounts again for all trade.

"On the contrary, I think this question is absolutely pertinent because the merchants deserve an explanation of the umpteenth Sainete that their Government has carried out this last week," said the GPP deputy spokesperson. "The obvious contradictions between ministries, a sign of a lack of communication, coordination and management capacity, deserve an explanation," he added.

Ana Alós explained that “this sainete begins by ordering the Minister Illa to prohibit sales and promotions in stores to avoid crowds. A few days later, they clarify and say that if they can make sales, as long as the merchants take measures to maintain safety distances. But as it has been normal in his Government, in the afternoon the Minister of Health continues with his and sentences that the sales are prohibited.

According to the popular senator, "all this may seem like a joke if it were not for the fact that 18,000 businesses and more than 200,000 jobs are at stake" and demonstrates, he has denounced, "the lack of dialogue between the Executive and a sector that it has systematically ignored, despite the more than 3 million workers employed by the textile sector in Spain. And I do not say this, the Spanish Confederation of Commerce says it ”.

Likewise, Alós has pointed out that "the height of nonsense was the possibility of making discounts in online commerce, but not in stores, which was the highlight for small businesses, at an absolute disadvantage compared to large chains, in addition to generate price dysfunction and great legal uncertainty ”.

"Do you really think that citizens were going to be elbowing in stores for pants or sneakers, when we are seeing how they queue up civically to enter the supermarket or pharmacy?" He asked Minister Maroto.

Finally, Ana Alós has ensured that the Sánchez government "only succeeds when it rectifies" and has demanded that the Minister of Industry not "hinder" the trade and allow them to decide whether or not they are interested in making sales.

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