La senadora Ana Alos, en Sesión de Control

The popular senator affirms that "the ERTE must be adapted, making their duration more flexible and including the SS quotas"

The senator of the Popular Group for Huesca, Ana Alós, has asked the Minister of Social Security, José Luis Escrivá, to "listen to the employers and all the self-employed, attend to their demands that mark the way so that, what remains after this crisis, is not a handful of ashes from which it is impossible to reconstruct anything ”.

The senator of the Popular Group questioned the Government about the scheduled date for workers affected by a temporary employment regulation file (ERTE) to start collecting the benefit and if it considers that self-employed workers and domestic workers are duly protected.

Ana Alós has assured that more than a million self-employed workers, who after a month without being able to work or earn an income and having paid the March self-employed fee, are now starting to collect the benefit. "In all likelihood they will also pay the April fee and they will have been without work and without entering and paying € 567 in fees and charging € 661 of benefit, that is € 100 of net benefit and paying all other expenses, rent, light, suppliers ”.

The popular senator has raised several questions with the minister about the collection of ERTE and the quotas of the self-employed. Thus, he asked if the Government is going to return the quotas for March and what will happen with those for April.

Likewise, during her speech, the senator from Huesca was interested in the autonomous women who have been mothers and who rejoined the activity in 2020, because as they cannot prove their income, they cannot access the benefit, as and how is denouncing ATA; or professionals who are mutualists and do not belong to Social Security, "who have been totally unprotected." Or the self-employed who have seen their activity drop sharply but do not reach 75% and, therefore, cannot apply for the termination benefit and have to continue to pay their self-employment fees. Are they going to allow them to apply for the benefit with a 40% decrease in income? He asked.


For Alós, "everything related to the ERTE must be urgently adapted, making its duration more flexible beyond the state of alarm and including the exemption of Social Security quotas."

"They were late to the pandemic, they were late to economic emergencies and they will be late again to avoid the destruction of our business fabric," the senator has warned. And he added that now is the time to act "so that our productive fabric is not destroyed, so that it can survive, so that with a little help they can later create jobs again."

And he ended by warning the government that if they do not listen to them and do not act now, "the reconstruction will be very hard and long in time, with the suffering that it will entail for workers and families."

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