Holders of their interventions at the Summer School of NNGG Málaga


  • It shows the concern of the PP for the situation of political and institutional blockade in our country due to the irresponsibility of Pedro Sánchez, and warns that "there is nothing worse for the economy, job creation and investment than political uncertainty."
  • He affirms that Sanchez "is the only one guilty that we are like this because he has been three months in his arms, doing absolutely nothing. I doubt whether he really had an interest in doing the Government or not."
  • He denounces that Sánchez has two faces: "On the one hand he offers his hand and wants to agree – now congolpistas and independentisas-, and on the other hand, he asks the PP and other parties to refrain for his investiture."
  • Ask the PSOE to defend Navarra as a differentiated Foral Community within Spain instead of reaching agreements "through the back door" with those who intend their annexation to the Basque Country: Bildu and Geroa Bai.


  • He says that the PP has "the obligation to explain to the Spaniards that when Sanchez speaks of" Catalan nationalists "he is referring to those political formations that only a few months ago tried to shatter the Constitution, the Statute of Catalan Autonomy and put Spain between a rock and a hard place".
  • He points out that Sanchez has made it clear "who are his travel companions and natural partners, which include Bildu in the equation, as well as nationalists and radicals." "And Navarra is the cotton test," he insists.
  • Ask the PSOE if it would be willing to abstain from a constitutional candidate in the event that Sanchez does not get the necessary support or present an alternative candidate with his natural partners.
  • “Sanchez is responsible for the political blockade that is going through this country, and will be the sole responsible if the Spaniards have to go back to the polls. It will be his personal failure, ”he emphasizes.

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