The deputy for Navarra and vice secretary of Organization of the PP believes that the acting Executive can not look the other way in the face of derision to the State Security Forces and Bodies

The deputy for Navarra, president of the PP in said Autonomous Community, and vice secretary of Organization of the Popular Party, Ana Beltrán, has presented a parliamentary initiative to demand the Government of Spain not to look away in acts of derision to the Civil Guard that will be held in Alsasua on August 31, within the so-called Ospa Eguna organized by the abertzale left.

Beltrán has defined this day as "an act of contempt and harassment of the State Security Forces and Bodies." The Ospa Eguna, ‘Expulsion Day’; It is a day of struggle organized by the Abertzale Left in which the Civil Guard is especially harassed in demonstrations and allegedly festive events in which slogans such as “Id packing,” or “Green, red and blue, different colors are displayed. , the same shit ”, in reference to the colors of the uniforms of the Civil Guard, Foral Police and National Police”.

Ana Beltrán has specifically asked three questions to the acting president Pedro Sánchez. The purpose of these is to know if the Government of Spain considers that this act may constitute a possible hate crime, as specified in article 510 of the Criminal Code, if it is going to request the intervention of the State Attorney General's Office to avoid said act, and if the acting Government plans, by any means within its reach and by virtue of its powers, prevent the performance of said act.

The national deputy has considered that allowing such acts to be held with total impunity, "contradicts the principles of coexistence that proclaim the four winds both Sanchez and Navarre President María Chivite" and constitutes an act of "servitude and cession", to the most rancid of the abertzale left, which they depend on to maintain the Government of Navarra.

It is clear, in Ana Beltrán's assessment, that the Government of Spain and that of Navarra cannot limit themselves to looking the other way, as they have been doing so far. Neither Navarre society in particular, nor that of the rest of Spain deserve to attend these shameful spectacles, given the government's passivity to defend security forces that deserve our respect and recognition.

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