TItulares of his intervention:

  • He describes as extreme the meeting "with premeditation and happiness" of Ábalos with the vice president of Venezuela to please Iglesias, "great friend of the dictatorship of Maduro and to which he owes much."

  • Pedro Sánchez who did not want to receive Guaidó "has preferred to please Iglesias and Maduro rather than support the Venezuelan people who suffer the oppression of the tyrant."

  • "While Sanchez has had to choose between democracy and dictatorship, between freedom and oppression" the PP, the Madrid City Council and the Community of Madrid have been "to set an example of support for freedom."

  • He denounces that Pedro Sánchez used “without shame” a Civil Guard helicopter that was participating in a rescue “for personal use” and affirms that “it is no longer enough for him to go to a concert or to a wedding with the Falcon”.

  • He reproaches Chivite for lying when he denied that he had agreed to his investiture with Bildu "when he has agreed absolutely everything" and denounces that "he now wants to file a motion of censure, along with Bildu, in Estella."

  • He affirms that Pedro Sánchez "takes one arm to the heirs of ETA and in the other to the Catalan independentistas, and that from behind he is pushing a far-left party like Podemos."

  • He regrets that every day that passes "there is less of that PSOE with a State vision, which put constitutional principles and values ​​before party ambitions."

  • He states that Sanchez "no longer respects the separation of powers, modifies the Criminal Code to pardon those who gave a coup d'etat" and also refuse to abide by court decisions disabling Torra.

  • He criticizes that Pedro Sánchez "instead of meeting with presidents of other autonomous communities do it first with Torra."

  • He reiterates that the PP will give its support in matters of state, but "it will be relentless in what affects the rule of law, constitutional values ​​and the unity of Spain."

  • He stresses that "municipalism is in the DNA of the PP" and will exercise its opposition "to those who seek to impose their nationalist agenda against the majority will with the explicit support of the PSOE of Navarra."

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