La vicesecretaria de Organización, Ana Beltrán

Headlines of your interview:

  • He points out that "we are all very proud and happy to have achieved this agreement" that demands "generosity for a superior good and not having personal or partisan interests."
  • Remember that the agreement of Navarra Suma needed “a lot of generosity” and “it was closed from the national leadership” because they are agreements that require “an overall vision” that close the national addresses of the parties.
  • He insists that at all times “the interests of all those Basques who want to be free have been thought of before, want to live in coexistence and peace in their land” The objective of the coalition is to “remove nationalism and independence” from the institutions.
  • He reiterates that "the head of the list will be appointed by the Popular Party" and recalls that the electoral committee has already approved the candidate, and it will be the candidate who has to say whether or not to accept the agreement.
  • He considers that "we must come together for the national interest and for the constitutional order above our partisan interests" before a president who "takes one arm to the Catalan independence workers and the other to Bildu Batasuna".
  • He describes the bilateral table between the State and the Generalitat as "the table of government surrender and not dialogue." "The government has given up because it owes them everything and now the future approval of budgets."

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