La vicesecretaria de Organización del PP, Ana Beltrán

Denounce that the proetarras use the pandemic to humiliate those who have lost their lives to protect us from the disease

The deputy secretary of Organization of the Popular Party and president of the PP of Navarra, Ana Beltrán, today demanded that the Government of Pedro Sánchez prohibit an act in Alsasua (Navarra) against the Civil Guard, in which the Benemérita is equated with the coronavirus, which has killed thousands of Spaniards in recent months, and humiliates members of the State Security Forces and Bodies and their families.

"Sánchez's indifference makes him an accomplice of the humiliation to which his investiture partners once again submit to the Civil Guard," has stressed Beltrán, who has stated that the event that the Abertzale left plans to celebrate next Saturday, August 29 in the Navarran town of Alsasua under the slogan "You are the virus" "is an act of hatred that uses the worst health crisis in memory to humiliate public servants who risk their lives daily in order to protect us from the pandemic."

"It is intolerable that, after more than 40 thousand deaths in Spain, the Government of Pedro Sánchez allows the pro-ETA to promote hatred against civil guards who have suffered serious health problems or who have even died for helping to contain the disease", has nuanced.

The leader of the PP has censured that "Sánchez cannot be silent in the face of the attacks that, once again, the civil guards and their families receive." He then announced that he would request the appearance in the Congress of Deputies of the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, to account for the actions carried out by his Ministry to protect the civil guards of Navarre from hate campaigns promoted by the proetarras, as well as to explain the absence of institutional support from the Government of Spain to the members of the Civil Guard and their families.

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