The president of the Popular Party of Navarra and Deputy Secretary of Organization of the Popular Party, Ana Beltrán, believes that “the steps that Pedro Sánchez is taking in his pact policy are very similar to those taken by María Chivite at the time to make her betrayal to Navarra, in exchange for an armchair. ”

"Sanchez puts Navarra on sale in order to get to sleep in the Moncloa, on a loose leg, while the Navarrese are thrown at the feet of nationalist horses," he said.

The entry of populists and independentistas in an upcoming agreement to become president of Sánchez is seen with concern by Ana Beltrán, who believes that the Popular Party "will continue working to provide stability" to the State as a whole, although it has indicated the low reciprocity that the acting president has shown so far "has not even picked up the phone to Pablo Casado," he said.

The PP, as explained by the popular leader, "will defend Spain, and with it Navarra, from nationalist attacks, anti-constitutional laws, and everything that claims that Navarra is annexed to the Basque Country."

On the other hand, Beltrán has assured that the demands that the general coordinator of EH Bildu, Arnaldo Otegui, has put forward to participate in a hypothetical negotiation for the abstention of his training, which guarantees the investiture of Pedro Sánchez, “are unacceptable for a State democratic".

Beltrán has indicated that the demands posed by Otegui, such as the recognition of the right to self-determination for Catalonia and the Basque Country and freedom for sovereign prisoners, are proposals that Pedro Sánchez “unless he is willing to initiate a process of destabilization of Spain”, can not assume.

In the opinion of the popular leader, the call of Otegui obeys a planned strategy "that we could already observe in the previous investiture", by which ERC and Bildu "will form a clamp that forces Sanchez to talk about independence."

ERC and Bildu walk hand in hand throughout the negotiation process, as their leaders have already announced, and therefore “any transfer made by Sánchez to either of these two parties will result in a strengthening of sovereignty processes, both in Catalonia, as in the Basque Country and Navarra ”.

The imposition of the table of parties or the recovery of the figure of the rapporteur, are already issues that are on the table, by ERC and they could now incorporate “the recognition of the right to self-determination, illegal, within the constitutional order Spanish and the freedom of those accused by the Catalan secessionist process ”, which the Bildu leader now asks, along with the recognition of impunity for some thirty ETA terrorists, who now live outside our borders.

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