"If in the end new elections are called, the only person responsible will be Pedro Sánchez"

  • The deputy secretary of the Popular Party Organization believes that "every day we have less doubts that Sanchez wants to go to elections", which is a real "mockery for the Spaniards", since "he has zero interest in forming a Government."
  • He criticizes the “irresponsibility” of a socialist leader, who makes it clear that he does not deserve to be president of the Government, who entered through the back door with the motion of censure and is not trained, as evidenced by not taking meetings with Podemos and Different groups
  • He assures that, if in the end new elections are called, the only person in charge will be Pedro Sánchez, “with the cost of calling the Spaniards at the polls” and that “the Spaniards will know what the party really thinks of Spain is, against the self-centeredness of Sánchez ”.
  • He states that "if there are elections, the PP will go out to govern Spain", but, for now, the party is where the Spanish have decided, leading a firm opposition, with a vision of the State, thinking of the interest of Spain and offering pacts of State; an opposition "propositive and tough", especially considering what the PSOE has done in Navarre to agree with Bildu.
  • He says that the PSOE has shown its true intention to agree with Bildu in Navarra, as has just happened in the City of Huarte, where we gave the mayor's office despite having a single councilor, and now he will allow the municipal government to be in the hands of Bildu.
  • Stresses that Spain Suma would be a pre-election alliance formula, with the objective that, in exceptional circumstances, exceptional measures be taken.
  • He regrets that Sánchez has managed the Open Arms crisis due to demagoguery and blows, because it is an issue that affects all of Europe and the solution involves a serious migration policy, in coordination with the entire EU.

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